PVR strange happening-is it broken-do they get repaired

  SparkyJack 12:21 20 Jul 2013

Setting up to record via EPG is normally straight forward- select the channel then the prgramme -OK iy job done. That is what tried to last night- thine however the EPG came up but with no info on the channels-also the cours were wrong- then when ino came up -all went off before a selection could be made.

So checkeck the HDD state and carried out a mass deletion of unwatch material going back months- SO now plenty of drive spave. Checked that all connections were in place.

Tried once more- still the same. Tried a manual set up -which set up OK but did not record.

The HDD seems OK inso far that the stored progs play back.

So next move please chaps[s] It is a Sony HXD890

  BRYNIT 12:42 20 Jul 2013

Try retuning all TV channels.

  lotvic 13:43 20 Jul 2013

Update the Sony firmware? click here Firmware upgrade

  lotvic 13:47 20 Jul 2013

Jack I'm not sure I got the right Sony product as it talks about DVDs and you said PVR.. anyway it's worth a look.

  Ian in Northampton 13:58 20 Jul 2013

Generally, on my Humax, missing or incomplete EPG is a transitory thing - it eventually comes back. Some glitsch in the transmission of the EPG, I'd guess. BRYNIT's is a good idea - and I assume you've rebooted it, waiting the mandatory 10+ seconds?

  T0SH 13:59 20 Jul 2013

Have you tried powering the PVR down completely by unplugging it from the mains for a few mins then power up again, it has always worked for me when the sky box plays up as it does on an odd occasion

Cheers HC

  SparkyJack 15:32 20 Jul 2013

Thank you all so far It has been unplugged whilst going throogh all the unplug/replug session


The manual calls the machine DVD recorder- it does it all Records vth HDD allow editing and copying to DVD [ a bit fussy on what type disc it likes and also fussy with regard 'burned discs'

Is there a difference between a DVD recorder as above and a PVR?

  Peter 16:47 20 Jul 2013


I've got a similar problem with a Sony RDR-HXD970 DVD Recorder. Yesterday it would play back recorded material, but it would not show the TV channel when the recording was stopped.

Today it is showing" Update" on the machine's LCD screen and it won't let me do anything, even if I pull the mains lead out and leave it out for several minutes.

I don't know if it's the heat or if an update has broken it. I've left it unplugged to let it cool down.


  Newuser939 18:09 20 Jul 2013


My HXD970 has done exactly the same thing today. Surely that cannot be a coincidence. For the moment I haven't pulled the plug out in case it is performing a very long update, but I am not confident.

  lotvic 20:45 20 Jul 2013

Oh, perhaps you all better have a look at my link for the RDR-HXD790 / 795 /890 / 895 / 990 / 995 / 1090 / 1095 and check your Firmware version.

  Newuser939 11:03 21 Jul 2013

It seems from here click here if machines are going down all over the country. Probably best to wait for Sony or whoever broadcasts the EPG data to come up with a solution.


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