PVR for Sky digital..?

  AdeJ 22:05 06 Oct 2003

Rather timely given the current poll on Microsoft MCE and not wishing to deprive Mr Gates of any more money but I'm looking at turning a spare PC into a PVR to work with Sky digital and utilise my wireless network.

I've come across Pinnacle's PCTV Sat C1 so far which makes refence to compatibility with Sky in some articles but not really found much in the way of reviews or success stories.

Anybody have a story to tell / direction to point or am I just being too gadgety again...?

  DieSse 22:09 06 Oct 2003

Get a Sky+ box - much, much, simpler.

  AdeJ 22:18 06 Oct 2003

and I can't hook it into the wireless network..

  DieSse 22:58 06 Oct 2003

"Pinnacle's PCTV Sat C1" (actually CI, for Common Interface), is a digital TV tuner. It has no facility for taking a Sky card - so you can only pick up free-to-air channels, or pay channels where you can get a CAM to fit the CI (usually on different satellites).

You could feed it with the output of a Skybox, but then you don't need the digital tuner version for that. You should also bear in mind that there is copy defeating on the conventional outputs of a Skybox on the "pay-tv" (film and sport) channels.

I'm not quite sure what facilities, or how/where, you think you could hook up to a wireless network.

  AdeJ 08:47 07 Oct 2003

Pinnacle's own site lists compatibility with Skydigital and a number of users in their forum seem to be using it (presumably with a CAM)

My only intention was using it in a similar way to Sky+ but with the ability to transfer recordings to whatever PC I'm on (so the copy protection doesn't bother me) and this seemed a method without Sky getting another tenner a month for the privelage - and a second subscription for a second box! I'll drop Pinnacle Support a line - thanks again..

  Graham John 17:29 09 Oct 2003

Good news - the tenner a month has been dropped as long as you have at least one 'premium' channel, eg a sports or movie channel. Makes it worth considering.

  AdeJ 06:47 10 Oct 2003

But for the £200 for the equipment and £50 for installation it's still the same as setting up a PVR that can wireless transfer recordings round the house....

We'll see!

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