Puzzling specifications Attn Forum Editor?

  [DELETED] 23:20 14 Oct 2003

Just checked reviews. Minimum requirements for NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2003 are 150MHz Pentium and 48MB RAM.(ME) Minimum requirements for NORTON ANTI VIRUS 2003 are 300MHz Pentium and 128MB RAM (ME)!!
I am a novice and it seems decidedly odd to me that when Norton Anti Virus is included with another package the requirements decrease instead of increasing or remaining the same. Can anyone explain why a simple Anti Virus Package needs such relatively high specifications.

  [DELETED] 23:31 14 Oct 2003

Norton is a resource hog and eats resources for breakfast,lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack
....big time. It is for this reason alone that I use AVG click here and I recommend others to use Outpost firewall as well click here they are free and excellent. Tales of Norton's resource hogging are well-documented on the Net, a quick google will throw up 4000 + pages.



  [DELETED] 23:32 14 Oct 2003

ps...you may have guessed that I am not teh FE. ;-)))


  spuds 00:25 15 Oct 2003

G.Thank god for that (;o))

  [DELETED] 00:27 15 Oct 2003

Even more puzzled. Just checked requirements for Norton System Works 2004 :- 150MHz 32MB RAM (for windows ME) So the bigger and more powerful the package the lower the specifications needed?? What's going on? Or are these minimum requirement figures meaningless in practice?

  powerless 18:35 15 Oct 2003

Todays computers should have no problems with any requrements these days.

  powerless 18:41 15 Oct 2003


  Forum Editor 19:14 15 Oct 2003

what you want me to say. If Norton say that those are the system requirements for their software then that's that.

For what it's worth I don't use Norton products - in my opinion there are other (free) applications that do the job as well, if not better, and are not so resource hungry. I use AVG anti-virus software and Outpost firewall - available from the links already provided by GANDALF <|:-)>

That's a personal opinion, and is not a blanket condemnation of Norton products - many people use them, and are very happy with them.

  [DELETED] 19:16 15 Oct 2003

Norton system works LOL now there is an oxymoron.

  [DELETED] 19:24 15 Oct 2003

Norton works a treat but NIS requires IE V6 or above to even install.

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