A puzzle- CD-R behaving like a CD-RW?

  Skills 01:52 25 Sep 2005

My cousin copied some files onto a RW for me a while ago, when I got home I did an exact copy of the disk to a standard CD-r using the copy disk function in nero.

Well the other day my cousin needed a copy of the files back so he came round and popped the disk in and fired up nero. To cut a long story short he went to create new data disk and the files on the disk popped up, so he added some files from my system that he wanted and then put his blank in.

It went through to write the new disk and then asked for the original, ok we thought it wants to copy the files from the disk, wrong somehow and I dont know how it rewrote the files on the cd-r?? If I hadn't have been sat here I wouldn't have believed it.

Has anyone got an explanation for how that could have happened, cause it puzzled both me and my cousin and I still can't figure it.

The only thing I can think of is its something to do with me doing a straight copy from a CD-RW?

  bremner 09:53 25 Sep 2005

There is a big difference between overwriting the files and adding to an open session.

You can not overwrite a CDR. But by leaving a CDR 'open' you can continue to write data up to the capacity of the disk.

  Skills 14:23 25 Sep 2005

Thats what I thought but honestly it wiped files off of the disk. I know it sounds like I'm taking the mick and if I hadn't have been here I wouldn't have believe it.

Just one of lifes little puzzles

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