Putting XP on my Sony Vaio

  meknight 19:24 24 Nov 2013

I have tried to install XP on my Sony Vaio, but the installation does not recognise the laptops hard drive (Fujitsu MHY2200BH [ATA]).

I am led to believe that this means that either the XP installation disc doesn't contain the driver for that hard drive or the utility driver.

I've found help that suggests using nLite to implant the hard drive driver onto a new XP installation CD, but I cannot find the driver anywhere!

Any other brilliant people got some ideas???

Please help!! ;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 24 Nov 2013

You just need standard sata drivers what model vaio?

  lotvic 19:53 24 Nov 2013

You haven't said model number of laptop. It's the sata driver to match the Chipset (motherboard) you need.

See if your laptop is on the list on sony website click here Applicable Products and Operating Systems (see full list...) and download the SATA driver .zip file.

Before you 'nlite' you could see if altering a setting in BIOS setup works for you click here

  meknight 22:18 24 Nov 2013

The Laptop Model is VGN-NR21J.

I have looked at the BIOS but it really is very limited functionality - never seen one as useless to be honest!

Surely standard SATA drivers would be included on the XP installation disc?

The problem is that I initiate the XP disc, it installs the first essential bits it needs, and then I ask it to do a fresh install (rather than a repair etc) - the next screen would normally ask which hard drive you want to install on to - but it comes up with a message saying something like 'there are no hard drives associated with this system'.

  meknight 22:24 24 Nov 2013

It's a Vista Laptop. Is wanting to make it XP going to make driver hunting difficult?

Thank you all SO much for your help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:43 24 Nov 2013

Surely standard SATA drivers would be included on the XP installation disc?

No XP was issued before sata drives became avaiable.

drivers here

  onthelimit1 07:40 25 Nov 2013

You will need to slipstream the drivers to an XP disk. Plenty of advice from Google on how to do this

  meknight 11:11 26 Nov 2013

The BIOS is by Phoenix and has almost no functionality. There is no way of altering the HD config in anyway - unless I've missed something!

I've looked at the Sony website which offers XP users 'Vaio Update' which is no use for adding to an XP setup disc.

I'm starting to realise this may be a lost cause!

Any other blinding inspirations???

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