Putting a password on a folder

  jcotton 17:18 17 Sep 2005

Hi all,

I have a home PC and I have only one user account setup and wish this to stay that way. But I want one folder to be passworded so that no one can access the folder expect me. Can this my done via XP Pro or do I have to install a 3rd party piece of software, if so what?


  VoG II 17:41 17 Sep 2005
  mattyc_92 17:42 17 Sep 2005

You WILL need third party software.

However, you could just use free tools such as "7-Zip" (click here) and just put all your files into an archive and password protect that.

I can't think, off hand, a program which would allow you to "password protect" a folder without "archiving" it

  Pesala 19:48 17 Sep 2005

I use a program called Steganos, which came on a PC Advisor CD some time ago (more than a year). It creates a password protected container file on your hard drive, and assigns a drive letter to it. When you want to access the drive, you enter the password. Steganos can be loaded in the Startup folder, or run manually. Startup can also be hidden so that it just sits in the system tray without intruding until you need it.

  VCR97 19:58 17 Sep 2005

Pesala's prog : Safe 8 at click here

  GaT7 20:17 17 Sep 2005

The free Cryptainer LE will also do so click here. G

  jcotton 22:09 17 Sep 2005

ok i like the sound of Cryptainer LE but if you dont have it running it defeats the object. So therefoe could just close it down and get your information. Is there a porgram likes these but runs in stealth mode where i have 2 have a password 2 uninstall it aswell

  Chegs ® 22:15 17 Sep 2005

Cryptainer LE does the job here.I created a folder called "Hidden" Used Cryptainer LE to password it,then copied a few .jpg's into it.The folder is inaccessible without the password,once I shutdown Cryptainer LE(It closes to systray,so right-click and select close)Cryptainer LE wont run until I put in the password.

  jcotton 22:15 17 Sep 2005

ok just tested Cryptainer LE it seems to be what I am looking for but the only problem is now that anyone can unistall the program without having to enter a password. Surely this is bad as then all you data is lost if the program is uninstalled

  GaT7 22:28 17 Sep 2005

No data is lost - it just won't be accessible without Cryptainer LE (CLE) installed. Reinstall CLE & you're back in business.

Anyway, that's what I've found with most programs - e.g., you make a MS Word file. When you uninstall Word, the file & it's data you created is still present but cannot be opened/accessed (Wordpad may actually do it, but you get the point!). Reinstall Word & you can open it again - nothing is lost. G

  jcotton 22:48 17 Sep 2005

OK another thing I have noticed is that it creates a file. SO if you create a volume called "hidden" on the root of C: anyone can see it and with Cryptainer LE shutdown anyone can delete this file.

A) if you delete this file does it mean you files inside are lost?

B) I guess the way around it is 2 create the file in a really wierd place in like system32 or something? or any other ideas

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