Putting a OS on a HDD ???

  Ikelos 15:55 08 Aug 2008

Hi, if I put a operating system on a hard drive, does it have to rub everything out which is already on the drive?

it was a slave drive with all the family photo's and the like on it, now it does not work, tried another caddy and also connected it to a desktop PC, when I "IN DESPERATION" connected it as the main drive on the desktop PC, it tried to start but said there was no OS installed, wondered if i could somehow put a OS on it and maybe save some of the files on it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:04 08 Aug 2008

If, as appears to be the case, the drive has failed, it is impossible for you to install an OS on that drive.

If the drive cannot be coaxed into life, connected as slave and your data is valuable to you and irreplaceable, ie no back-up, your only option may be to try a specialist recovery service. such services are not cheap though. Look at this example click here

  Ikelos 16:11 08 Aug 2008

thank you, looks like I will be saying to the wife, the photo's have gone forever. I will try it one more time, to go with all the other times I have tried it.................
as you say, in the link you gave, it does not come cheap....

  ventanas 16:15 08 Aug 2008

You could install the trial of this and give it a go with the "failed" drive back as a slave.

click here

Nothing to lose.

  Quiet Life 16:24 08 Aug 2008

Digital Photo Recovery is for flash memory.
If the hard drive does not spin and open theb the only way to recover the contents is the expensive way.

  Ikelos 16:26 08 Aug 2008

Thanks, as you say, can not lose much, and worth a try, I will try it and report back.....

  Pineman100 16:31 08 Aug 2008

Go to the website of the drive manufacturer. Some of the well-known brands have recovery software that will diagnose and try to rescue the drive.

To see one example of this click here

  ventanas 16:32 08 Aug 2008

If you take the trouble to read what it says on the web site, you will see that it works with any type of media, including hard drives.
It has not been stated whether or not the drive gives any form of response. hence my suggestion and my comment of "nothing to lose."
It's certainly worth a try.
Of course, if the drive does not spin then that's the end of it, but we don't know that yet.

  Quiet Life 22:38 08 Aug 2008

Hi Sorry you are right my old eyes never got that far down.

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