Putting a new graphics card in?

  Silenced 14:45 26 Jul 2008

I am going to be buying a new dedicated graphics card soon since my old one has died. Now my question is how do I do this?

Do I just remove the old and place the new one in and install drivers for it?

Baring in mind I have no on board graphics card.

Plus, how do I find out how much power supply is going into my system?

  Ditch999 14:47 26 Jul 2008

Re cards:
Straight swap - old dead one out new one in

Re power
When you open your case the power supply (where the mains lead goes in to) should have a sticker on it somewhere which will display the Watts and Amps)

  Silenced 15:01 26 Jul 2008

I have found my wattage.

Also, how do I know the difference between PCI Express and PCI Express 2.0?

  peter99co 16:01 26 Jul 2008

When your card is changed the present onboard graphics may need to be disabled and the new card and drivers may need set-up and then enabled.

You should check with the supplier and manual as to correct procedure.

  Ditch999 16:08 26 Jul 2008

PCIe and PCIe 2.0 are the same only PCIe 2.0 is twice as fast.

PCIe 2.0 is backward compatible so any PCIe card will work in a PCIe slot. (Dont get confused with AGP!)

When your PC starts for the first time with the new card the display will look funny. Just let the PC keep starting and if a New Hardware Wizard pops up Cancel it.
When the OS has finished loading go to Add/Remove Programmes in Control Panel and Remove/Uninstall the old graphics driver, Nvidia or ATI. Put in the CD you got with the new card and install the drivers for it then reboot. The OS should detect the new card and install the correct driver for it.

  peter99co 16:10 26 Jul 2008

Does this help?

click here

  peter99co 16:13 26 Jul 2008

You may have better luck.

  Silenced 16:16 26 Jul 2008

Peter99co, I do not have on board graphics.

But Ditch999, on the nvidia website where it helps you pick the graphics card that will work on your PC it has AGP, PCI Express and PCI Express 2.0. There are extra ones I could buy if I had PCI Express 2.0 but I do not know if I have PCI Express 2.0

Is there a way to find if I have 2.0?

  Ditch999 17:48 26 Jul 2008

As long as you have a PCI Express x 16 slot any PCIe graphics card, whether it be version 1 or 2, will work in it. As I said, the only difference is that version 2 works twice as fast but its backward compatible.
If you post your motherboard make and model I will tell you what version you have, or look in the manual yourself, it should say.
If you dont know your motherboard download CPUZ click here and run it and it will tell you your motherboard and more!

  Silenced 21:03 26 Jul 2008

Thank you very much Ditch999, on the packard bell website it says I have PCI Express x16, so that will help me very much.

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