Putting music on my son's phone

  piggylen 17:36 18 Jan 2009

Sorry to you all for being such a muppet, but I am trying to copy a music CD onto my son's phone. Should be easy, but I have got brain drain, and keep going round in circles. I think where I am going wrong is that I am transfering it as a CD and I need to transfer it as MP3. HELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!

  topdog07 17:44 18 Jan 2009

You need to determine what music formats the phone can handle.
What make and model is the phone?
Some phones can play mp4 and 3gp files which are most popular.
You can easily find a program to convert any mp3 or any music or video file to play it on your son's phone.


  piggylen 17:47 18 Jan 2009

Hi His phone is a Samsung E250. New for Xmas, so it should be fairly up to date ......... ??

  topdog07 18:06 18 Jan 2009

You can play normal mp3 or ACC files on this phone. Either connect to PC with a cable or a card reader for the microSD card.
Then just copy and paste the music files directly to the card but remember which folder you have used (it should be named music on the card or phone memory)


  OCRIDION 16:28 19 Jan 2009

As for getting the Music off the CD: Use windows media player and select the RIP tab when the CD is in the computer, follow the programs instructions to Rips the tracks from the CD as MP3's to somewhere on your Hard drive. Then using these file trnasfer to you son's phone as the others advice.

Its most easiest to change you phones settings to show like a USB Flash/Pen Drive on your computer, then copy the files in the My Music / My Sounds folder of the drive.

  wolfie3000 17:12 19 Jan 2009

Try this software, it has all the tools to transfer mp3s and audio cds to the phone.

click here

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