putting jpeg images on cd

  stourry 22:20 08 Dec 2003

is there a free programe that would alow me to put jpeg images onto cd to run on a dvd sytem
any help woud be appreciated thanks in advance

  Phildo 22:28 08 Dec 2003

you could use nero and put ur jpegs on as a vsd and play for a dvd player it should work

  Mankster 22:42 08 Dec 2003

free and excelent,can add music of your choice also, 99 slide show each with up to 99 photos on 1 cd.
click here

  Mankster 22:44 08 Dec 2003

forgot to mention, really could do with broadband to download it,or get someone with BB to download for you and put on CD.

  Bapou 23:21 08 Dec 2003

click here

It's a much smaller download size.

  stourry 00:37 09 Dec 2003

thaks everyone i have d/loaded both programes have used hp it is great thanks mankster will try 2 option as well bapou but very impressed by hp
i do have broadband took 8min for download not to bad
one problem cr-r and cr-dw wont play on my dvd but they should will check out in the am but thanks everyone great help
once again proves this is great site for help
thanks ray

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