putting hard drive on its side.

  dayjo 12:57 18 Oct 2006

Recently purchased a new pc, its for a pre school,as its a new one we are concerned that its a bit unsafe standing up, can we put it on its side so it wont fall over and will it effect the pc at all??

  Trackrat 12:59 18 Oct 2006

If you mean running the computer tipped over on its side instaed of standing upright the answer is no it will do it no harm.

  ed-0 13:07 18 Oct 2006

But tip it to the right []->

So the motherboard and cpu on the inside, are facing upwards. It will be a bit fiddly inserting cd's but they will read.

  Mytob 13:31 18 Oct 2006

NOt sure on if it will. MOst pcs have the hdd lying flat even if it is a flatbed pc but dont the have then on their sides in raid arrays? The way the bearings are on it would make me think it would do some dmg over a long perions as it int supported both sides of the disc. Not sure bout it so dont take me word on it.

  PA28 14:04 18 Oct 2006

Oh whatever happened to the old fashioned desktops you put under your monitor?

  €dstowe 14:15 18 Oct 2006

For maximum reliability, once you have used your hard drive in a new position, continue to use it that way to eliminate varying gravity effects on the reading arms of the drive.

  Meshuga 15:02 18 Oct 2006

I would have thought that you would be better off keeping it the way it was intended to run and securing it in some way so that it will come to no harm. Shouldnt take much thought to devise a way of doing it.

  Meshuga 15:06 18 Oct 2006

Dont forget also that you may be obstructing or altering direction of airflow for cooling.

  rodriguez 15:10 18 Oct 2006

Lying it down won't hurt, it just might not be very easy for a pre school kid to load cd's into it if it's tipped up. It shouldn't affect the readablity of the drives because remember the PS2 can be used vertical and works fine. Just try not to put a heavy monitor on the "top" because this is still really the side of the computer and could dent or buckle it as it's not as strong as the lid of a desktop machine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 18 Oct 2006

HDD will work fine in any position (just don,t move too much while running)

Have moved one of my drives from a horizontal to vertical position in my PC.

When you lay the PC on its side as suggested earlier motherboard face up, one side of the case may have vents (left as you face PC) make sure vents are not blocked.

This months' cover CD has H&H virtual CD, load this and copy regularly use CDs to the hard drive to prevent the difficulty of loading CDs.

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