Putting a downlolad on my site in Serif WebPlus 10

  jonmac 23:48 03 Feb 2010

I'm a beginner in website design and using Serif WebPlus 10. I would like to make downloads available on my site via a clickable button or piece of text. How would I go about doing this?
I must head for bed now but will check in the morning.

  jonmac 13:10 04 Feb 2010

Hi forum member, thanks for the reply. Now that you've explained that I think I can see a hyperlink option which may do that. What I'm unsure of is where on the server the file would go...would it just be lumped in along with all the website page files and photos etc. I'll give it a try tonight, upload it all and see what happens.

  jonmac 17:55 04 Feb 2010

Tried putting a download accessed from some text on the home page and although it worked OK when previewing within my PC when I uploaded the site to the Plusnet server for the first time things didn't go at all well.
The site is there, or at least all the text is but there are no photos and no text for the download link.
I notice that although the page numbers are logical the photo numbers, instead of being logical image1, image2 etc, are weird programme-generated ones. Is this part of the problem I wonder and how do I fix it? The url is click here

  jonmac 19:28 04 Feb 2010

Thank you very much indeed fourm member that seems to have done the trick. My original website, for which this is intended to be a replacement, was done in MS Publisher 97 and the files for that were all in one folder, page files with image files. Webplus has three folders, the first with page files and, unusually, a single image file correctly named.
Next is a wp generated folder with the rest of the image files with generated names, then another folder with some script files. I had manually lumped them all together and that seemed to be the problem.
Before I take it down again to do more work on it could you have a general look at it design-wise, please, and tell me if you see any design flaws that should be corrected. I would appreciate that as a first-timer (well second, really I suppose)
Thanks again.

  jonmac 23:29 04 Feb 2010

Thanks for that I'll give those points some thought and attention. My reason for the curved email address was to avoid OCR software reading it. Just a thought.

Thanks again for your help in solving the initial problem I feel I'm getting somewhere now.

  jonmac 13:05 05 Feb 2010

Hi fourm member, I took down the site under consstruction last night and substituted the old one which will remain there 'till the new one is ready.
This morning I discovered, through the help system in WebPlus, how to insert gone of those fill-in forms which generate an email automatically without having to display my address at all so that seems a better way to go.

  jonmac 16:30 05 Feb 2010

Yes, I've had that experience in the past but not for a long time, touch wood. Just have to keep my fingers crossed. The Serif WebPlus 10 seems to be doing the job so far. I had to look for software in a hurry, found it on the web for £9.99. My needs are simple as you've seen so it's sufficient.

  jonmac 19:32 05 Feb 2010

Will do, but it might be some time as I've altered and extended the structure considerably so will have to sort out lots of images, maps, articles and downloads for it. All good fun though.

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