Putting in a Different Hard Drive Without Success

  muckbucket 12:37 17 Jan 2006

After using Norton Ghost, I put the new hard drive into the computer switching the cables from my existing drive to the new, but I got a black screen "apologising" and suggesting that there may be new hardware (they are right.) It gave me various options to start Windows. Neither worked, merely putting me back into that screen.

I tried another hard drive and this time, got a black screen with the cursor at the top.

I thought (wrongly obviously) that if the cables were the same, it would simply read from the different disc, just like putting another tape into my player.

Please help and please keep it simple, thank you in advance. sincerely Alan

  john-232317 12:45 17 Jan 2006

Its a little confusing as to what you have done and attempting to do.

Am I right in assuming you have put a new hard drive in and expect it to be the same as your old one ?

Or did you put it in as a slave and copied your old drive onto it and then made it your master ?

  john-232317 12:48 17 Jan 2006

Have a read here click here

  muckbucket 08:50 18 Jan 2006

Good morning, Dadyassa, I have had a read as you said.

To clarify, I did two things, firstly after cloning with "ghost" to another hard drive, I inserted that drive, unplugging the data and power cable from the usual installed hard drive. That gave me the "apologise" screen as mentioned above.

Then I tried another hard drive, same cables, merely with some backed up stuff on it and that gave me the black screen with the cursor at the top.

When putting those cables back to the installed original drive, it all worked again.

Why, when using the same cables does it not simply read the two other ones, I can understand changing Bios settings if cables were different.

Thank you for your trouble so far,

  De Marcus™ 08:55 18 Jan 2006

I'm not entirely sure I understand what's been described here so I'll keep my response short, have you checked the new drives jumper settings?

  muckbucket 11:03 19 Jan 2006

It seems from two of you now, that I have not made myself very clear, sorry about that>

I will check my jumpers again. Thank you De Marcus.
Regards Alan

  john-232317 20:35 20 Jan 2006

When you copied to it, it must have been a slave drive, if you want to use it as a main drive you will need to change the jumper position to master.

  muckbucket 11:38 24 Jan 2006

Thank you all so far, I cannot understand that all I am doing is exchanging one hard drive for another, Bios settings and master jumpers are set.

What else could it bed?

Alan (perplexed)

  Simsy 12:23 24 Jan 2006

Was the ghost image taken of a bootable partiton on a multiboot system?

If so then perhaps the image doesn't contain the MBR, which has the information of where to boot from.

Even if this is the problem I'm not sure how to get out of it, but can you confirm whether or not this is the situation?



  Mikè 12:51 24 Jan 2006

"but I got a black screen "apologising" and suggesting that there may be new hardware"

Can you post more details of the error please.

  SOUNDFADER 13:02 24 Jan 2006

i need some advice, i am installing a sata drive on an amd xp 64 bit chip and asus kv8 motherboard, the pc recognises the drive on boot up ok, i then let it continue to start xp setup but it gets so far and says unable to find a hard drive please reboot, i do have a raid driver on floppy also tried that in specifying a controller but it still says no hard drive detected, any ideas appreciated, thanks

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