User-87E0AD9F-E887-4EAA-A2B6C924D65530A9 18:16 14 Jun 2003

I have been trying to put some old analogue camcorder films on my pc for editing and saving on CD. Am using a WinTV card. Have no trouble putting the films on the pc and have full audio but on play back there is no audio. Have checked all cables, line ins and outs and they are all correct. Have experimented with recording a TV programme and the same thing happens - no audio on playback.

  snooker 20:24 14 Jun 2003


I had this problem and it was sorted out on Helpline sometime ago.

What sound card do you have? You might need a splitter.

  snooker 22:46 15 Jun 2003


Are you using on-board sound or external speakers plugged to the rear of your pc?

  woodchip 22:50 15 Jun 2003

Have you got the wire from the card to the line in on the sound card

  snooker 23:16 15 Jun 2003

sorry dragonfly but I am away now for a few days.
Hopefully someone else will pick up the thread and sort out your problem.
For what it is worth I have a Soundblaster live sound card and what i had to do was;
a) plug the audio-in cable in to the green speaker connection. Go to start\settings\control panel\audio HQ\speakers\ and make sure
'2 speakers ' is selected. When you play back the video clip you will not hear the sound from your speakers but it should go to your Tv or VCR.
If it works get a splitter (a 'y' shaped cable from Maplins)and plug in both line in and speaker to green speaker socket.
I hope I've remembered it right - it's been a long time since I did it.

Thanks everyone who posted a reply to my question. We have finally sorted out the problem -a box "microphone" was ticked and sound could therefore only be heard through a microphone!!!!

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