To put video files on your web site

  Forum Editor 12:26 24 Dec 2003

you'll first have to convert them to mpeg format, which is capable of providing high quality images. I don't think you mean this though - you're talking about software that creates animated images, with specch added in the form of a .wav file.

To be honest, the software you're using was intended for children to amuse themselves with, and isn't really good enough to produce anything suitable for a web site - the animations are rather crude and unconvincing. If you want to add the files to a site you can export them in .avi format, but be warned that this will create very big files - in excess of 6 or 7 Mb. That will make them a waste of time as far as anyone with a dial up connection is concerned, and even on broadband they'll take minutes to download. In my opinion it's a waste of time trying to do this, unless you have some special reason for wanting to do so.

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