put a picture on a desktop background?

  dan11 10:44 24 Mar 2009

I have a picture I would like to included on my desktop wall paper. It's a nice photo of my daughter who passed away awhile ago.

I have adobe photoshop 6.0, office XP but not publisher and serif page plus se but haven't a clue how to do it:-(

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

PS I just use photoshop to blend, resize and crop pictures. That is my limit. So a real novice on those.

  Cockney Rebel 11:12 24 Mar 2009

Not sure about Adobe,but in Picasa you highlight the image you want,then in the title bar click on create and in the drop down menu it gives you the option to "set as desktop".Hope this may be of some use to you.

  dan11 11:19 24 Mar 2009

I do have the background but I want paste a small picture in the corner of that background.

It's how do I superimpose ( is that right? )the picture onto that wallpaper.

I have tried printing the background off and the picture and then scanning the whole lot as I would like it


the quality of the background picture is quite poor:-(

That is why I thought someone may know of a way to do it via software.

  Noldi 11:58 24 Mar 2009

click here

hopefully this will guide you through it.
good luck


  BRYNIT 11:59 24 Mar 2009

Open the background with Photoshop paste the picture onto background and save as jpg remember where you have saved background. When selecting background you may have to go to the folder you have saved it in.

  dan11 12:12 24 Mar 2009

That is excellent.

but unfortunately I have no option to * Set As Desktop Wallpaper * under the edit section :-(

  MAJ 12:21 24 Mar 2009

Right-click on the picture, the option to 'set as background' will be there.

  dan11 12:22 24 Mar 2009

It will not do that for me.

I can open the desktop wallpaper as I have saved that as a jpeg. Then I open the photo and place it ontop. I can not take the boundaries off the top photo or merge it onto the background. If I could, I could take a screen shot an use that but no go.

As an example I am stuck here click here

Told you I wasn't much good at it :-)

  dan11 12:25 24 Mar 2009

It does not give me that option.

  dan11 12:26 24 Mar 2009

I have to pop out.

I'll check back later.

  MAJ 12:32 24 Mar 2009

dan11, you have to save the picture first, then right-click on it, don't right-click it while it's in Photoshop.

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