put music onto mp3

  march 17:01 05 Jan 2005

running wins98se, & I've downloaded audiograbber,

trying to copy cd music files to play on an mp3 but dont understand how to use audiograbber to do this been struggling along for a few days & getting no where, I can get wav.files but then get stuck when trying to transfer to mp3 player.

can anyone explain what I am doing wrong & what I need to do please?

  march 17:34 05 Jan 2005

thanks TT but I'd like to find what it is I'm doing wrong on audiograbber first before I try another program

  alB 18:02 05 Jan 2005

Go to Audiograbbers website click here and click on the "Guide For Newbies" that will take you through the whole process from start to finish ...alB

  march 19:39 05 Jan 2005

I have downloaded the lame_enc.dll file & put it in the audiograbber folder but cannot seem to get it to unzip, using zipcentral, can anyone please talk me through it?

  march 20:11 05 Jan 2005


do you mean use media player with audiograbber or can it be use alone?

  march 20:24 05 Jan 2005

had a look at the site TT said for FreeRip but worried about this;
'This free audio ripper makes a nice choice so long as you're careful during installation. FreeRip comes bundled with adware'

anyone recommend other free sites?

all I want to do is put cd music onto an mp3 player for the kids (they said its easy; wished I'd never said I'd try to do it for them! silly old me)so I need something really easy to understand if poss without having to download other files etc.

  march 20:36 05 Jan 2005

ooher JoeC went on site & didn't understand anything on it, sorry, really need to have things kept simple I am not very good with computers thats why I keep coming back to the forum. but thankyou anyway x

  alB 20:38 05 Jan 2005

The Lame Zip file is about 600 kb but you do not need to use it all, double click the file and that should open it up in your zip central program, highlight just the Lame_enc.dll file and press whichever button you need to extract just that file (I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with Zip central) when the "extract to" window appears, navigate to the Audiograbber folder and then click extract, that should put the .dll file into the programme, you can check this by opening Audiograbber, then settings then MP3 settings and in the internal encoder box you should be able to select Lame encoder...alb

  march 20:45 05 Jan 2005

wjrt, just been on m/s site & it says to download mp3 encoder pack to convert to mp3 & you have to pay for it?

  march 20:58 05 Jan 2005

ok alB I will try that tomorrow as I going to leave it for tonight (had a very long day & don't want to mess anything up)will post back then & let you know how I got on (or if anyone posts any other ideas will read them also)

with thanks


  march 14:10 06 Jan 2005

alB your a star;

started from scratch & did as you said with the lame file & as you wrote the instructions so clearly & easily I managed to follow & understand them & downloaded & extracted the dll file, total success transferring music to mp3 player now, so it was the file that was missing,

thankyou so very much for your help,much appreciated

very very happy kids,

also had a look at the CDex site as an option in case we don't get on with audiograbber & that seems ok, but(touch wood)all seems to be working.

thanks to all who responded, yet again forum members came up trumps.

regards to all,
march x

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