Pushed to the right

  graham√ 09:54 09 Jun 2003

The sponsored links (nothing wrong with them) are pushing the forum to the right, bringing the bottom scroll bar into use. Can this be resolved by formatting the text, I wonder?

  Pesala 10:03 09 Jun 2003

Using Opera in fullscreen mode or normal mode, I can turn off the scroll bars. At 100% the forum fits nicely into the width of the screen without scrolling. If your eyesight is sharp, you can probably manage quite happily with that, but you will have to use the cursor keys or wheel mouse for scrolling.

However, if I turn the scroll bars on, I have to reduce the zoom to 90% to fit the forum in, much too small for me to read the 8 point Verdana text.

If I use my more usual 130% or 140% zoom, I have to struggle with the horizontal scroll bar too, which is rather irritating.

  Pesala 10:10 09 Jun 2003

There are no horizontal scroll bars, the page resizes neatly to fit the Window. Trouble is, the text is so small I cannot read it, and changing the text size to largest makes no difference at all.

So I guess you must be using Opera or an alternative browser like Netscape.

To turn off scroll bars in Opera, Ctrl F7.

  Pesala 10:14 09 Jun 2003

resizing below that, brings in the scroll bars. You could try putting the MS Office Toolbar on Autohide if you have that on the right of your screen.

  graham√ 10:25 09 Jun 2003

Thanks, I'm on AOL. Will pop over to IE, see what it's like there.

  graham√ 10:28 09 Jun 2003

No, it's the same on here (IE). Will see if I still have opera.

  spikeychris 10:39 09 Jun 2003

What I'm finding is the page is loading fast enough but I have to wait for the underlines to catch up, I can be scrolling down the page, it then stops until the underlines are...underlined then it continues. Using the back buttons are the same and if I use the key shortcuts it can cause lots of problems....

  Peverelli 10:39 09 Jun 2003

It's the same for me, it happens from time to time. I'm using IE6 & I've only got a 14 inch monitor so resolution is 800x600. On the right hand side, where it says 'Search Helproom' I can not see the 'room' without scrolling to the right.

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