Purchasing Malwarebytes Pro - good idea or not?

  Happy37 08:16 11 May 2011

Hello everyone - as per the question above, I am running Spybot Search & Destroy, Avast Antivirus Free and Spyware Blaster on my 2 PCs. I also use Malwarebytes Free on a weekly/fortnightly basis to scan for malware.

All has been working well, but I am thinking to go a step further and purchase the Pro version of Malwarebytes.

From reading round, I have found that it offers "real-time" protection that the free version doesn't do. Is there anything else that would persuade me to go down this route and purchase the Pro version?

Can I install the Pro version on both of my PCs?

Can I use a coupon code taken from the link below to purchase at a reduced price or not?

http://www.malware-coupon.comlink text

Grateful for any advice that you may all be able to provide.

Thanks in advance.



  Happy37 08:19 11 May 2011

Apologies, the link in my post above is incorrect.

It should be:-

link text

Please ignore the link in my first post.



  sunnystaines 08:21 11 May 2011

the free one i think is enough

  Happy37 08:24 11 May 2011


Many thanks for your reply.

Can I please ask what you are basing your reply on? - I'd like to know more so that I can make the right decision in due course.



  Happy37 08:45 11 May 2011

Can anyone else please advise on my query - many thanks.



  quiblum 09:39 11 May 2011

The free version is fine. All you get extra in the paid for version are auto updates and flash scans.

  Nontek 09:40 11 May 2011

I would strongly advise getting the Pro Version of Malwarebytes. It is definitely better than the free version. I have upgraded to the Pro version after an attack while using the free version. Have had no problems since.

  Happy37 09:41 11 May 2011


Thanks for your reply - please tell me what flash scans does?

Would the "real-time" protection interfere with the general running of the PC when browsing the Net, or streaming audio, for example?

Many thanks.



  Nontek 09:44 11 May 2011

You will not notice the Real-time protection in action until it finds and intercepts a possible attack, it does not interfere with anything you are doing on the PC. It does tell you if/when it has taken action.

  Happy37 09:46 11 May 2011


Many thanks - so, would you recommend the Pro version yourself (are you using it?)


  Nontek 09:47 11 May 2011

Yes on both counts!

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