Purchasing A Domain Name

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 09:08 27 Jul 2004

I'm considering getting a domain name for my sons' rock band and I'm looking for any advice on this to avoid any pitfalls.

Recommendations for best places to go & prices etc.

Thanks in advance.


  HauxtonPhil 09:14 27 Jul 2004

I start by deciding who is going to host the site, then get them to sort the domain name.

  The Dark Sage 09:20 27 Jul 2004

click here

They are quite cheap, but more importantly they have a lot of end user tools that allow you to make changes to your domain yourself for free, rather than have to get your registra to do it, which usually envolves a charge.

  [email protected] 11:31 27 Jul 2004

As reccommended by The Dark Sage I use freeparking.co.uk as well and found it reasonably priced and have had no problems.

  spuds 19:47 27 Jul 2004

Try 1&1 click here Good service and support plus nice package deals. Register a domain and you get a free email facility. If you intend making a website, then you can use the 1&1 demo make up system for free,before you purchase one of the package deals.

  pj123 20:04 27 Jul 2004

Unlke spuds I am afraid I couldn't recommend 1&1. I had an horrendous time with them. When I finally got free I went with a local based host.

It is a yearly fee of about £60 but I am getting so many responses from this site that far outways the yearly fee. click here

  igr 20:36 27 Jul 2004

I think the suggestions above look expensive. I use click here which costs less than £3 a year for a domain name and they throw in 50 email addresses of your choice, email forwarding to your regular email address, and also web forwarding.

Check it out

Thanks to all for your comments and links, I'll now go and check them out.


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