Purchasing Backup Software ~ How long do you get?

  wee eddie 17:39 30 Jan 2018

Each has an amount of money mentioned on their Website, which varies from Version to version.

Is this usually a "One off" cost or an "Annual" cost

  alanrwood 19:05 30 Jan 2018

It might help if we knew what software you were referring to and which website.

  Aitchbee 19:59 30 Jan 2018

Personally speaking, I prefer the One Off [lifetime] variety with the potential of at least 5 or 10 installations on different machines etc. coupled with a decent discount of say 50% on future upgrades instead of full price, if one wishes to do so.

  wee eddie 00:35 31 Jan 2018

I take it that the purchase is a one-off and that it doesn't include any updates other than Safety related ones.

  alanrwood 11:55 31 Jan 2018

Try this it is free

click here

  wee eddie 12:19 31 Jan 2018

I already run NTI Shadow and I have had it for a couple of years now. Never had to implement a backup so I'm not sure how satisfied I am.

However, an updated version is coming out soon and I was looking around

  Elton27 13:33 31 Jan 2018

I read on the forums that it's hard to make a full backup of Windows 10 PC. I have an external DVD drive and actually with it's help I'm going to install Windows10. I'm worried that there are a lot of complaints the loss of their DVD or CD drive after upgrading. Does this problem also apply to external drives like mine Dell DW316 ? Its characteristics here .

  caccy 16:29 01 Feb 2018

I use an old ,200? acronis backup programme. Buy once use forever. I only use it to regularly clone my hard drives. By cloning you get all the operating system as well. The clone can be used as a working disk if your current disk fails. You will of course have lost any data between cloning and the failure date.

  Menzie 17:18 01 Feb 2018

I use Acronis True Image 2017 and Easus To Do Backup.

Acronis offer a system now similar to Office 365 in that you pay monthly/yearly and have the latest version always. It also includes a few extras such as cloud storage, etc.

I prefer the pay once and use it until it stops working method for my software.

I would recommend Easus as the backups have been good and I've experienced less quirks. I've had issues with Acronis recently after updates. It only happened once but if your backups are important it might be something to consider.

Both however have been invaluable which is why I have them.

  modis90 12:42 04 Apr 2018

I recommend Macrium Reflect Free. Easy to use and works flawlessly for me.

  john bunyan 13:21 04 Apr 2018

I use Macrium; my MBAM blocked the latest version of EAsus partition master

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