Purble Place to run on XP

  bumpkin 22:32 26 Nov 2013

A trivial question I know but can can anyone tell me where to get it to run on XP. It is pre-installed on Win 7 as a kiddies game. My 4yr old grandaughter loves it but can only play it on my Win7 PC which I use. I want to put it on a laptop or other desktop PC or an Android tablet. I have searched everywhere for this and don't even know whether it works with XP. Everything I have found on the net is either blocked by Avast or tries to download something else

  bumpkin 09:56 27 Nov 2013

Good Morning, thanks Jock1e but I found the same as Lazarus when I tried the links.

Lazarus, thanks for that offer "**I have the Files you need, How do I get them to you?**" I don't really know, could they be sent as an Email attachment?

  bumpkin 18:40 27 Nov 2013


  bumpkin 20:17 27 Nov 2013

Thanks Jock1e, I was thinking of that but thought it best to wait for an invite. Surprised he would have that anyway but hope he looks back in and replies.

  bumpkin 20:33 27 Nov 2013

Have the files I meant

  bumpkin 22:30 27 Nov 2013

Lazarus, many thanks for getting back. As I said it is only a kiddies game but it matters to her and I want her to learn some computer basics whilst having a bit of fun before entering the real world like us.

  bumpkin 23:04 27 Nov 2013

Thanks, that was quick. I will post back when I have it working.

  bumpkin 12:45 28 Nov 2013

Now working fine on XP. Thanks to you both.

  yc08 14:34 01 Feb 2014

could you also send the file to me:

[email protected]

Thanks in advance!

  mickob 17:49 27 Mar 2014

Hi there! Could you, please, also send the file to me:

[email protected]

Thanks in advance!

  bumpkin 18:22 27 Mar 2014

mickob, I would like to help but I closed this thread months ago and cannot recall the file names. I suggest that first you try a new thread of your own with a similar heading and someone will be able to help you. If that fails I will try and find them.

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