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  krsna 14:09 16 Dec 2008

I have just loaded puppy linux on my pc because xp will not load up due to the hard drive being nearly full and not having enough virtual memory. Using puppy I can explore the hard drive and I have tried to delete some files on the hard drive but it will not let me do that (protected?)I tried dragging files to the trash can but it left a copy on the hard drive anyway. I just want to create some space on the hard drive so that xp might start working again.Any suggestions?

  The Brigadier 14:22 16 Dec 2008

Virtual memory uses Hard space hence your having problems.
Suggest you either delete some unused programs or back them up to an external hard drive, flash drive or cd/dvd r disc.

  recap 14:29 16 Dec 2008

If you still cannot get in to XP via puppy Linux try Knoppix I have used this in the past to access HDD and deleted or moved files from a Windows system to an external HD

click here for KNOPPIX

  LastChip 17:30 16 Dec 2008

Linux, whatever variant, is a very secure system and it will not let you alter files that don't belong to you.

If that seems double Dutch, then I'll explain further.

Each file has an "owner" and in Linux, you are free to do whatever you like with files that you own. However, when you load up a live CD like "Puppy", it will see all your XP files as being owned by someone else and therefore you cannot change them. Many Linux live distros are like this, but Knoppix (as suggested by recap) was designed as a sort of "live toolbox" and overcomes a lot of these restrictions.

The other thing that may help, is if you have the option to log in as "root" (that would be administrator in Windows), you can do what you like with any file almost without exception.

  krsna 22:49 16 Dec 2008

I have now tried loading Knoppix but I still have the same problem that I cannot delete files they appear to be protected, any suggestions.

  MAJ 22:54 16 Dec 2008

......you need to log in as Root. Try these instructions and Ubuntu. click here

  krsna 09:50 18 Dec 2008

Thanks Maj Ubuntu with instructions has allowed me to delete files on my hard drive so there is now 40gb of free space, but my problem of pc not starting up remains.

  CLONNEN 11:10 18 Dec 2008

Backup your documents and reinstall XP from original CD (or make a slipstream disc with SP3 on it - nLite can do this click here and then use that to reinstall XP)

  MAJ 11:13 18 Dec 2008

Explain exactly what is happening when you try to start your PC. How far does the bootup process get? What error messages are you getting?

  krsna 11:39 18 Dec 2008

Hi Maj, when I switch on the pc it goes through the process as if all is ok and you get the black screen with windows XP on it as if it is loading up but then it should go to the welcome page but instead I get the message about virtual memory being low and that windows is trying to increase it "OK" I press enter then nothing further happens it just hangs on a black screen. I get the same with safe mode except when it hangs it shows a black screen with safe mode written in the corners. what can I do now.

  MAJ 11:49 18 Dec 2008

If you have an XP CD, krsna, try to repair the XP installation. Make sure NOT to choose the option to repair using the Recovery Console. click here

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