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Pup Optional Delta Removal

  thumbscrew 12:50 28 Apr 2014

After running a Malwarebytes scan the results are that my machine is infected with Pup Optional Delta. I quarantined and deleted it but the next time I scanned it had returned. I have subsequently scanned and removed several times, but each time it returns. Can anyone tell me how to remove it permanently?

  thumbscrew 13:36 28 Apr 2014

Thanks Jock1e, no there's a whole line of them. Run and removed several times but they keep recurring.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 28 Apr 2014

Try ADWCleaner to get rid of PUPs

  thumbscrew 14:08 28 Apr 2014

Many thanks Fruit Bat, I have actually looked at that, but was slightly perturbed that I may accidentally remove something important...any chance of that in your opinion?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 28 Apr 2014

I've used it for awhile and find it causes no problems

finds things others seem to miss as its aimed at Pups rather than all malware.

stand alone so no install and could be used from a mem stick on machines that have had their internet connection compromised.

which means no auto updating, you need to check and redownload latest version. I find it awkward to use the download from the makers site, bleeping computer seems the easiest and safest download for it

  thumbscrew 17:42 28 Apr 2014

Thanks again pal, just used it and it revealed a list of things that made no sense to me, however I really don't know which to delete and which if removed could cause chaos!!

  john bunyan 18:06 28 Apr 2014


Why not create a restore point, then us ADWCleaner, remove them. Then see if all is well. If not restore to where you were.

  thumbscrew 20:43 28 Apr 2014

Thanks John, when I had XP I was a frequent user of System Restore, Now because I've got Win 7 which is vastly more reliable, I've only had to use the (Completely different because us two legged creatures are obsessed with changing things, even if there's no need to change them because they work fine!)Restore once and it played havoc with my machine and eventually froze it. Ergo, I swore I'd never use or trust it again unless in a total emergency, which this probably isn't. Ps, why don't we get the email messages anymore, informing us when someone has replied to a post?

  mole1944 06:41 29 Apr 2014

I've just scanned a friends laptop for pups and found 2026 with Malwarebyes,gord know what the're doing with the laptop all started when they're grandson got it infected with the ransom-ware virus, done a full drive format and install unless the bios is infected no idea what's happening,will try ADWcleaner next time.

  spuds 10:37 29 Apr 2014

One thing that I have noticed with recent downloads. Previously cnet use to provide many, but due to past activities with that site, a number of downloads are being re-directed to the likes of filehippo or other safer websites.

  thumbscrew 21:37 29 Apr 2014

Used ADW, no problemo, just scanned with MWB twice and it ran clear. I'm a fan and that's the solution. Thanks everyone. Ps, still not getting those email reminders!

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