Punctuation redundant now?

  Sapins 13:06 27 Jun 2003

My Apostrophes and Inverted Commas have changed in this forum, just a temporary problem or is it something to do with me?

  stlucia 13:08 27 Jun 2003

' "

  -pops- 13:15 27 Jun 2003

It may be due to the seemingly increasing number of correspondents to whom any punctuation at all is an anathema. The forum hierarchy thus seeing punctuation facilities as unnecessary.

Have you noticed as well that most of the punctuation free threads are also amongst the longest, making them almost painful to read?

(Don't take this reply too seriously, please.)


  Confab 13:21 27 Jun 2003

I noticed the other day this if I typed a response into word and then cut and pasted it her my ? (apostrophe) appeared as ? question marks. All very odd!!

  Confab 13:22 27 Jun 2003

See its just done it again!
If I type the '(apostrophe) into the reply box then it appears as a ' (apostrophe)

  Confab 13:23 27 Jun 2003

sorry about the spelling - I'm in the office and need to type quickly!

  -pops- 13:28 27 Jun 2003

It's a conspiracy by the POPs (Protection Of Punctuation) organisation. This has been set up to help prevent the misuse of of the much maligned apostrophe, especially the "greengrocer's apostrophe" used by people who think that every word that ends with an "s", including plurals, requires that "s" to be preceded by "'".

  Pesala 14:15 27 Jun 2003

A woman without her man is nothing.

The minister for education said the teacher is a fool if he thinks that punctuation is not necessary.

PC Advisor have changed to code page for this forum to ISO-8859-1, which apparently does not support the smart quotes ANSI characters 145 146 147 and 148. ? ? ? ? If you really want them you can search and replace with & #145, & #146, & #147, & #148 (but removing the spaces). That should give you ‘and’ or “and”. Similarly for any other ANSI character:

… † ‡ ™ © ® etc.

  -pops- 14:28 27 Jun 2003

ANSI, ASCII, XYZI, the site ought to be able to reproduce characters which are on the keyboard simply by pressing the appropriate key.

The site does this for me (apart from the Euro ? sign) but apparently not for some others.

The characters you give, Pesala, ? ? ? ? are different to the keyboard characters ' and " which most use. The ? ? ? ? were achieved by me in this in the normal way of Alt and the number.

  -pops- 14:29 27 Jun 2003

and didn't work!!

  Pesala 14:47 27 Jun 2003

People sometimes type a message in Word, spell-check it, and then paste it into the message box. Word puts in smartquotes ANSI 145-147.

The ISO-8859-1 character set doesn't contain the necessary characters: click here not even the precious €uro symbol.

You can work around it as I suggested. I presume this will work in Internet Explorer and other browsers besides Opera.

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