Punctuation redundant now?

  Sapins 13:06 27 Jun 2003

My Apostrophes and Inverted Commas have changed in this forum, just a temporary problem or is it something to do with me?

  mammak 21:37 27 Jun 2003

LOL anther boring friday night, chill out folk,s the odd .... or ,,,,, or;;;; aint such a big issue, this forum is getting too high and mighty, your going lose a lot off people that dont understand your way,s,most of these folk,s just need help, they dont need a lecture on how clever they are , if your in a panic over your comp going wrong, you dont give a monkey,s about punctuation, you just want your comp fixed, give us a break you all so high an mighty, if we were all as clever as you , well it wouldnt leave much scope for you lot would it, chill and get off us not to bright,s back,s eh.

  Forum Editor 22:53 27 Jun 2003

on the subject I think.

As always, my message is the same. Some people are good at computing, and some are not. The former come here to help the latter.....who come here for help, not criticism.

Some people are good at punctuating their posts, and some are not. This isn't an English grammar forum, so we don't have a rule that says your post must be perfect in every way. Newcomers to the forum may be a tad nervous about posting to start with - the last thing they need is the pressure of having to worry about all those unseen eyes scanning their text for errors. We'll take people as they come - punctuation or no punctuation - as we've always done.

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