Publishing a website via ntl

  astral traveller 11:13 28 Sep 2003

I have created a small personal website using Page Plus which I want to publish to the web. I need to set up a web address with ntl (I have an account with them) to publish to. I have searched for days through the ntl help(?) pages to see how to do this without success. I have also emailed them with my query but 10 days later have only received an autoreply. I can't find a relevant telephone number to 'phone them to ask how to do this. Does anyone know the link to do this or any other suggestions?

  VoG II 11:19 28 Sep 2003

Is this what you're after click here ?

  astral traveller 11:56 28 Sep 2003

Possibly, I have been there and completed the submission page but how do I link or upload my website to the address? I've tried this via the 'publish to the web' within Page plus but I get the message "unable to access your site, check your username and password" - my username and password are correct because I have verified this via enail from ntl. I have tried putting various details in the ftp address box, including the homepage address which I entered in the 'submit your site' page and also the address listed on the ntl settings page.

  MAJ 12:05 28 Sep 2003

This should be what you're looking for, astral traveller. click here

  MAJ 12:08 28 Sep 2003

PS, I would recommend this FTP program, astral traveller. WSFTP click here

  astral traveller 12:26 28 Sep 2003

I have copied the suggested address (from the link you gave me) for the ftp into the address bar but get the message "windows cannot access this folder, make sure you typed the file name correctly and have permission to access the folder"

  MAJ 12:35 28 Sep 2003

Personally I've never had much success using IE to FTP, astral traveller, that's why I recommended WSFTP. Try to upload using WSFTP first to see if you can gain access to your site.

  LincolnArnie 12:35 28 Sep 2003

Hi astral,

the upload address is:

The account name is your ntl account name (not full email address, just the xxxxx.xxxxx before the @ sign)

The password is the one you used to create your account (unless you've changed it since creating the account).

Use the FTP program provided by NTL or another commericially availabe. Not sure if you can use IE do upload direct...will test now...yes you can...

type click here in your browser address bar, hit enter, should get an error message saying session terminated, now select 'File', 'log in as' and put your user name and you should be logged in....use copy & paste or drag & drop to upload into site, you can also create/delete folders etc...

hope this helps

  astral traveller 13:22 28 Sep 2003

LincolnArnie; I tried your link but got the same message "windows cannot access this folder, make sure you typed the file name correctly and have permission to access the folder" I then went to file, login as and entered my user name and password - which I know are correct, but got the same message.

MAJ;Will try your suggestion of using WSFTP.

  astral traveller 13:46 28 Sep 2003

MAJ, Thanks so far, I've downloaded and run WSFTP, I'm not sure if I did everything correctly because it was a bit complex but I tried to connect to click here but the "connection failed"

I know life isn't always simple but I did imagine that once I'd created my web page that publishing it to the web would be a piece of cake - obviously not so.
Help anyone?

  LincolnArnie 20:00 28 Sep 2003

using WS FTP you don't need ftp://, just put in or the IP addy, and use the user name and password, make sure that connection type is automatic and select 'save password' if it's your own system

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