Publishing problem with Frontpage 2002

  ADSL jun-kie 11:38 10 Aug 2003


Lately I have been finding that changes I make to pages within FP02 are not showing up on the webpages themeselves, even on other people machines.

I have done partial and full publishes. By that I mean publishing only the pages FP detects have changed or all the pagess regardless.

I have saved the changes using both save and save as (which overwrites).

When FP02 does a partial publish it can detect the changes either by comparing source and destination or by using timestamps - I have tried both without success.

The only thing that works is to make changes to the page, for example microsoftsuck.htm and then do a save as using a different name, for example microsoftblow.htm. This works but it's no real answer.

I have pages with nice, descriptives pagenames (example click here) but I'm gonna end up losing them all......

Can anybody help?

  MichelleC 12:39 10 Aug 2003

The changes you make to pages do not save in FP or they save but won't publish to update?

Tried the repair option?

Is your web set up properly, or is it a 'saved as' web?

  Forum Editor 13:11 10 Aug 2003

that you have followed the accepted (and sensible) practice of publishing your web to your hard drive first - then opening it from that copy and publishing to the server?

That way, whenever you want to make changes you should open the hard drive (local) copy, make the changes and save them, and only then publish the changes to the server. It's not generally wise to work 'live' on the server copy.

By adopting that working practice you'll ensure that both your backup and server copies are always in sync, and FP will faithfully update the server directories as and when it notices changes.

The new version of FP (FP 2003) has some enhanced tools for managing server and local copies, and it's a one-click operation to synchronise both versions.

In your case it might be an idea to get your local copy completely up to date, and then delete the server copy entirely. When you've done that, publish the web to the server afresh, and you should have no further problems.

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