publishing changes using Frontpage

  toofy 12:18 10 Jun 2007

Am presently following advice from p;3 to undergo health check with Malware. Another problem is that when I input my password in order to change info on web (in the box which says 'This op requires end-user agreement..') it fails. Subsequently a warning pops up that 'A web does not exist at ftp click here would you like to...' However searching google for the exact ftp produces said website. I had observed some weeks ago that the listing on google showed the ftp address whereas before it was our URL I chose to ignore this rather than lose a good listing. This occurence may not be relevant ofcourse but I would like to be able to update/make changes to the website. Help!

  Forum Editor 18:39 10 Jun 2007

you must login to your site using the following information:

server address: ftp:// www.

username: [email protected]

password: whatever your password is.

That should log you into your webspace, and you can publish your site via FrontPage, always assuming that you published it in FrontPage to begin with, of course.

  toofy 09:14 11 Jun 2007

I have re-checked everything which seems correct. When I enter the passwaord the box simply fades away, re-apperas still with the password space blank. At no time does it say the password was wrongly entered. As said b4 closing the box produces the warning message.

  toofy 10:09 12 Jun 2007

Frontpage has today accepted my password! I completed a Malware removal process earlier. Perhaps this is the explanation.

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