Publisher Problem

  dlguk 12:17 16 Apr 2005

I am using MS Publisher to produce the cover for a small booklet. I only want the front and back pages (1 and 4) so I made sure there was nothing on 2 and 3 but every time I try to print one off my printer ‘spits’ out a blank page. I take it it is making an attempt at 2 and 3.
Any advice greatfuly recieved.
Thanks in advance

  Stuartli 12:37 16 Apr 2005

Have you tried using a horizontal format so that Pages 1 and 4 are alongside each other, rather than having four pages available?

Page 1 would be the right hand side and Page 4 the left on the screen, so that when you fold the page in half they are on the correct sides.

  dlguk 12:50 16 Apr 2005

I take it that is under Format, if that is the case it is 'ghosted'. Could you instruct me further.


  Stuartli 13:07 16 Apr 2005

I would try File>Page setup and use a landscape (i.e. horizontal) template.

The View menu has a two-page spread option.

If you go to Publisher's Help pages, all these subjects are/should be described in detail.

  pj123 14:13 16 Apr 2005

Make sure the page you want to print is on screen and then select Current Page from the File, Print screen. Alternatively, select Pages but just enter 1 it will print pages 1 and 4.

Both systems work on mine using MS pub 2000 and an Epson printer.

  dlguk 15:54 16 Apr 2005

pj123 I cannot view pages 1 and 4 and I tried what you said about 'pages', it only printed 4 which was not displayed at the time. I have tried the help menu but i would like this done this year. It's Pub 2003 and HP PSC 1215 (which should make no diference)
The 2 page spread is checked.
Poser eh??

  VoG II 16:04 16 Apr 2005

Any help? click here

  dlguk 17:19 16 Apr 2005

This is gona be a bummer but as I have to print 100 I will have to let them print then seperate the blank from the printed a few times argggggggggggg

ty all for you help tho

  dlguk 17:23 16 Apr 2005

When I created the cover to start with it didn't do what it is now. I use a template but really messed with it (could it be that I have done like in Word, just gone on to another page? naaa) Whatever I will get there, ty again

  pj123 13:31 17 Apr 2005

Sorry but I didn't say that. You don't need to view pages 1 and 4. Just have the page (1) on screen and then go to File, Print and select Current Page and OK. It will print pages 1 and 4.

It does it on mine no problem. I am doing a brochure for someone who wants 500 copies to start with.

  dlguk 21:43 17 Apr 2005

It prints out page one only, maybe a call to HP would be an idea?

thank you for your help

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