Publisher files on CD-RW ?

  roygbiv 16:40 30 Oct 2003

I have some Publisher files, that i have saved on CD-RW, when i go to get them, it says "Publisher cannot open this File". Have i done the process correctly?. They saved to floppy OK. I thought i would use a CD-RW as i have quite alot of files to save.

Any (easy to follow)instructions, would be very helpfull. Alan

  Pesala 17:39 30 Oct 2003

Zip all of the Publisher files into an archive first, then copy that to the CD-RW from Windows Explorer. I use this for backing up Page Plus files and many other file formats.

CD-RW is a bit slow, one big file will copy faster than lots of small ones. This is especially useful if archiving websites with thousands of tiny HTML files.

  A_World_Maker 18:06 30 Oct 2003

Is the 'association' of the PUB files still pointing to Publisher? Did you change anything, like say the extension of the files by mistake, when browsing to your CD-RW? Maybe use windows explorer, change the window to show 'details' and if the file extensions are correctly names, i.e. <whatever>.pub then you should see the notation 'Publisher file' alongside in the description section

  roygbiv 12:55 04 Nov 2003

Sorry for taking so long to get back. ( I am disabled and suffer from a rare neurological disorder (ATAXIA , so simple tasks become a complicated event for me)

Anyway, I have gone though the process using the wizard in Nero, and it seems to work, now, I must have missed something out !!!!.

Thanks agian for any help given , it is greatfully recieved. Alan

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