Publisher asap please!

  Fateful Shadow 19:33 16 Jul 2003


I have to do a piece of work that I started at school. I was using Publisher 98 at school, but I only have Publisher 97 at home! It can't open any other version!

Does absolutly anyone have an answer as to how I can get around this situation?


  whatsupdoc 19:35 16 Jul 2003

what do you need to do...i can open it and complete the work and fax it back tro you if thats any use

  Fateful Shadow 19:37 16 Jul 2003

That won't work, but thanks for the advice whatsupdoc. It's work expereience stuff, and it's really only I that know it lol!

Anymore help greatly appreciated!!!

  whatsupdoc 19:39 16 Jul 2003

shame. im not adverse to a bit of

  Fateful Shadow 19:44 16 Jul 2003

I've tried everything I can think of!

I am starting to get a bit worried now, and the heat isn't helping me or my laptop :P

  Gingermum 19:46 16 Jul 2003

I only have 2000, so I'm not sure about the following. Check at school to see if there isn't an option to save the file in an earlier version. In the SAVE AS dialog, click on the drop down list at the bottom next to SAVE AS TYPE.

  Fateful Shadow 19:48 16 Jul 2003

It has to be in tomorrow. My teacher (who can bite heads off) wants me to e-mail to her tonight.
I can't go back to school, therefore.

Any other ideas?

  Eastender 19:51 16 Jul 2003

Publisher 2000 has the option to save files as file type Pub 98. Now I don't know whether 98 has the option to save as 97. Though all this is academic if you don't have access to a computer with 98 on it. Just a thought.

  graham√ 19:55 16 Jul 2003

Is 97 not the same as 98? They're both lumped together on Microsofts site click here|97|98|2000|2002&Type=Update|Converter|Add-In|Assistant|Stationery|Document|Viewer|Template|Anti-Virus|Updates

  Fateful Shadow 19:58 16 Jul 2003

I can get the file to appear in the preview window, but everytime I click on 'Open', a dialogue box appears saying 'Publisher cannot open files from another version.'


  graham√ 20:04 16 Jul 2003

Instead of Open, can you save or 'send to' as another version to Notepad?

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