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  RogerB 18:51 08 Sep 2007

Can no-one help with my query of 30 August? There must surely be some tweak of the registry that would solve the problem?
I've got XP and Publisher 2000 and deal with a lot of Publisher files sent to me by others for editing.

The query is repeated below. Any help most gratefully received:

I'm being reduced to a jibbering wreck by some of MSPublisher's Auto Correct features.

Is there any way of changing the default so that Automatic Bulleted Lists and Automatic Numbered Lists (Tools/Auto Correct/Auto Format as you type) are opt in rather than opt out?

  Woolwell 19:38 08 Sep 2007

Is there a tools, AutoCorrect options, "AutoFormat as you type" tab?
In Publisher 2003 this is under Tools AutoCorrection Options.

  RogerB 17:07 09 Sep 2007

Thanks Woolwell - I know about these tools, but if you are working on a file which has been sent by somene else and click on a list, the programme will automatically add the next number, which I might not want. I might not want the whole list to be automatically numbered in the first place! And once you've been caught by Publisher doing its own thing, it takes about 14 clicks to get out of it - Highlight the list - go to Tools etc, unclick the two choices, then go to Format, choose Normal, click again, and as like as not, there'll still be a list number shown! I know I could cancel the Autoformat before I start, but I always forget, and I finish up shouting rude words at Publisher. What I want to do is change the default so that it doesn't automatically add numbers to a list - ie I want the function to be 'opt in' rather than 'opt out'.
There must be some way of changing the defaults - mustn't there? Please??!

  Woolwell 18:59 09 Sep 2007

Sorry I cannot help with this one. Personally I prefer the Serif PagePlus to Publisher.

  RogerB 22:04 09 Sep 2007

Thanks anyway, Woolwell. I appreciate your reply.
Can anyone else help?

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