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  ste28 12:51 21 Apr 2012


I watch my cctv over the internet but my publice ip address has changed is there any way that I can find out what the new ip addressw is remotely or do I need to be on the network at the same time to find it out

  wiz-king 14:14 21 Apr 2012

You need to be on the network.

  T0SH 15:54 21 Apr 2012

You could change your telephone and broadband provider to Sky, I have been with them since December 2011 and my public IP has never changed

Cheers HC

  kashfiya 05:12 19 Jun 2012

Hi, you may be able to get access if it's a business/corporate account to the APN required to get a real public IP, otherwise you can only have a WAN IP like you have now, there are other ways around this depend on what you're trying to achieve, more detail would be needed though Thanks!

  thegatekeeper 18:38 20 Jun 2012

I think you need to be on the network to actually check the IP, or you could connect remotely to the network and check like that.

Clive Bokley @ Diablo 3

  kalavani 08:56 31 Aug 2012

Usually dynamic ip addresses are changeable . If you want static ip address pay extra amount to your internet service provider. If you want to know your public ip address Visit Here you get ip address, ISP details with geo location result.

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