PSUs revisited

  sputnick 19:46 10 Aug 2009

I have been looking to upgrade my PSU as I only have a Winpower 400w in my PC at present.
I have fitted an Asus M3N78 Pro Mobo and it seems fine at present as I`m still using the onboard Graphics, but I will probably fit a new Graphics card.
I am looking at a 600w -700w PSU but have been confused by single rail, dual rail, and 4 rail 12v
I read one of PCA threads that said that the single rail is better as all the power comes from there as dual rail never gets the full potential.
My preference would be for a modular PSU so as to only have the needed cables connected.
Any comments please.

  GaT7 20:06 10 Aug 2009

What PSU you require will mostly depend on the graphics card you opt for. Do you know which one you'll be getting?

Don't worry too much about single/multiple rails - instead focus on getting a quality branded one with enough on the rails to run your system well.

Modular ones are more expensive of course.

Some of the PSU brand names I would trust: Antec, Enermax, Corsair, Tagan, Be Quiet, Seasonic, Silverstone, Etasis, OCZ / PC Power & Cooling, Zalman, Xigmatek, Hiper, FSP, Akasa, Thermaltake, Coolermaster, Gigabyte, Silver Power, etc (may have missed a few). G

  GaT7 20:08 10 Aug 2009

"I am looking at a 600w-700w PSU" - that may be a bit overkill, unless you're thinking of running more than one graphics card at some point. G

  sputnick 11:31 11 Aug 2009

I have been looking at the ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 1Gb ram.
I am not a gamer apart from occasional Flight Sim.
I do quite a bit of photo editing and think this would be a but option than the onboard graphics.
What PSU would you now suggest.

  GaT7 15:05 11 Aug 2009

Well, as it's only going to be a 4670 (good choice btw), I would suggest one of these, in order of preference (yes, none of them exceed 400W):

- Be Quiet 350W Pure Power click here
- Corsair CMPSU-400CXUK 400W click here
- OCZ 400W StealthXStream click here
- Antec EarthWatts 380W click here

And I guess you were thinking of this £50 PowerColor one click here? Buy both from eBuyer & you'll be eligible for their free delivery. G

  sputnick 16:07 11 Aug 2009

Thanks for you advice.

  sputnick 12:32 13 Aug 2009


I`ve installed the ATI 4670 and Corsair PSU,all works ok.
I`m surprised that the Graphics card didn`t have a PCIe power connector.
Just plugs in the PCIe port.

Thanks for you help.

  GaT7 12:43 13 Aug 2009

Glad to know all went well sputnick :-)

"I`m surprised that the Graphics card didn`t have a PCIe power connector." - the very reason you didn't require a monster PSU!

The cheaper Be Quiet (w/o a dedicated PCI-E connector) would have been more than sufficient too, but I guess the Corsair (with one) should give you a bit of upgrade leeway. G

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