poogles_uk 19:35 18 Nov 2003

Enermax EG365p-Ve V True Power 430
+3.3 28
+5 36
+12 20

+3.3 32
+5 32
+12 26

Enermax is £30 cheaper.

Is the enermax perfectly good?
For Asus A7N8X-D and a XP3200+ CPU?

Is the A7N8X better than the A7V8X?

  hugh-265156 19:43 18 Nov 2003

not sure which is best sorry.

this is interesting click here

  poogles_uk 20:04 18 Nov 2003

I just think 70 for a PSu is excessive, my new mobo will be 90 + 50 for ram.

PSU, very good, i have it on the slowest fan setting and the cooling is still good! well worth the cash!

  DieSse 20:18 18 Nov 2003

"I just think 70 for a PSu is excessive"

Why, if it's top quality?

  poogles_uk 06:36 22 Nov 2003

Because for 90 you can get a decent mobo.
So for 40 the 350W enermax should be fine?

  DieSse 11:37 22 Nov 2003

I'm sorry, but I fail to see the connection between how much a PSU costs and how much a motherboard costs.

  [email protected] E 12:33 22 Nov 2003

you get what you pay for?

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