psu wires

  dawnyworld 17:10 08 Nov 2003

hi all

i want to remove the spare wiring from my psu (pentium conectors) the spear ones i dont use

is this possible would it affect the psu atall ??

  Legolas 17:12 08 Nov 2003

Unless you know what you are doing I would,nt recommend it, it could be both costly and dangerous.

  Rayuk 17:14 08 Nov 2003

Just tidy them round the back of the motherboard tray.

  dawnyworld 17:29 08 Nov 2003

but if im careful is it possible ??

  Rayuk 17:35 08 Nov 2003

Its possible do you mean removing them from the molex connectors??
click here
Wouldnt try opening up the psu itself.

  dawnyworld 17:41 08 Nov 2003

hi no i dont mean removing the molex i want to do away with the clutter of the useless wiring
yes i want to open the psu and desolder the wires
i just want to know if it in anyway shape or form will affect the psu

but thx for link was lookin for the molex mod :-)

thx dw

  jonnytub 17:43 08 Nov 2003

you can cut any wire away provided it isnt looped into another wire loom. You must be extremely careful to seal the end of the bare wire with either insulation tape, or (much neater) and you need a bit of skill here, open your psu and tuck your wires back into the unit. Be aware that even the tiniest voltage accidentally pushed through your board is likely to have a dominoe's effect and fry your whole pc. Also think about future upgrades, what you gonna do when you want to add a new periphial and you aint got no power source. The biggest "wire cutters" are modders and your better off checking the site rayuk found for you. Be adventorous but careful.

  dawnyworld 17:50 08 Nov 2003

cheers all time for my side cutters :-D

thx dw

  Rayuk 17:58 08 Nov 2003

Just be very careful
click here

  dawnyworld 18:02 08 Nov 2003

thx rayuk

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