pSU Query and Audidgy 2Platinum ex soundcard

  Demora 09:48 31 May 2006

Is there anywhere on the internet with a diagram of the cables on a PSU (just for reference) And I have a small problem with the above sound card.

It says in the installation manual that the card shouldn't be shared with any other power device ie Disk drive.

Now I have in the pc an SATA HD. 2 dvds and the floppy. as far as I can see at least one of them has to share with a DVD There is another connection with a flat plug is this for another power connection or can I get a splitter and run the 2 x dvd r's and the floppy and hard drive from one connection.



  Demora 11:55 31 May 2006

forgot to mention the psu I have is a 500watt beastie

  Demora 10:20 01 Jun 2006

Having looked around the internet and especially at click here I realise I can get a splitter cable for the psu, BUT yesterday I called into a local pc shop and asked about the problem I have and he said something about there being a limitor on the PSU. Now I'm really confused as the power supply is a 500watt. surely this thing will run everything I have in the pc.


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