Psu and Processsor

  Pau1JB 19:43 09 Oct 2003

can i use my psu which is on my intel 440bx mb wit pentium 3 cpu its 200 watts can i use it wit an athlon cpu and mb setup


  Rayuk 19:48 09 Oct 2003

I would very much doubt it and wouldnt advise to try it.

as everyone has already informed you, you're old PSU will probably not be powerful enough to run your new system although this will largely depend on what else you have attached to it.

You will find that a psu is often one of the first things on a PC to start to malfunction over time so now would almost cetainly be a good time to upgrade, buy a good quality power supply as a weak or faulty PSU can cause so many problems that will make any future upgrades a real pain.

  R4 19:57 09 Oct 2003

No: Athlon's and the parts that run with them ,are quite power hungry, The smallest power supply would be about 300W for an athlon system.


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