PSU problems & more!!

  boomhauer 23:06 25 Feb 2006

just finished building my new system and just renewed my dislike for computers. the system is
asus p5wd2 mb, 2gb corsair ddr2 6400 ram, 3ghz p4 dual core, geforce 7800gtx graphics card and
seasonic 600w psu.
pressed the power switch and got nothing.
thought it strange the power led on the mb was flashing so tried a different psu, hiper 580w.
light came on solid ubt system still wont power on. tried an old 220w psu i knew worked, but it only has the 20 pin not the 24 pin. surprisingly the system started up but still has other problems.
any ideas why the first 2 didnt work, cant both be faulty surely?

  ACOLYTE 23:08 25 Feb 2006

1 idea i dont know if it is this,but did you connect the 4 pin plug for the graffix card,somtimes this needs to be connected either on the mobo or card to work.

  boomhauer 23:14 25 Feb 2006

yes the 4 pin plug was connected in all cases, with the old psu in place i only need to connect the 20 pin plug and the 4 pin to get power, tried the same with the new psu's and nothing.
i have wondered if there may be some other fault in the system which the new psu's detect and the old one doesnt allowing it to power up.

  boomhauer 23:17 25 Feb 2006

have also tried using my old geforce fx5200 card which doesnt need the pci-e slot to see if it made any difference but it doesnt.

  phono 00:42 26 Feb 2006

Strip it back to the basics of just Motherboard, RAM, CPU and graphics and see if it POSTs then.

If it does add one device at a time and see how you get on, when it fails to POST the last device added is most likely the problem.

  boomhauer 15:23 26 Feb 2006

have tried removing all components and adding one by one, still no luck.

  boomhauer 20:34 26 Feb 2006

gonna call this one resolved but its still puzzling me a bit, just got fed up plugging the switch onto the motherboard as it was out of the case, made the contact with a screwdriver and the new psu powered up.
faulty switch?????
then why does the old psu work?
anyway onto more problems.......

  phono 21:03 26 Feb 2006

Did you check for possible shorts between the mobo and case? When it was the case of course.

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