PSU problem

  Sparky3327 10:30 05 Feb 2005

After my pc failed to respond, I narrowed the problem down to a fault in the PSU. It seemed that it was kicking out enough power to run the fans and LEDs but not enough for the mobo etc.
I changed the PSU for a spare I had and it worked fine but was really noisy.
I decided to buy a new quiet PSU but now this new one won't work either, with the same symptoms as the original.
It had the same spec as the one which worked, 350W, compatible with AMD processor which I have.
Have I bought a duff PSU or is there more to this?

  Storik 10:58 05 Feb 2005

there could be a problem with PSU, but it really depends on what you have installed on your computer. How many hard drives, CD-ROMs (including writers etc)- I believe, and someone will correct me if I'm wrong - that a PSU will only use what is necessary to run your computer. I have a 460Watt on one computer, and a 500W on a tall tower (This is running SCSI hard drives,CD-ROM's and two IDE hard disks).

Don't know whether this will help or not, but it will at least keep you near the top of the page.


  Gongoozler 11:03 05 Feb 2005

Run your computer spec through this utility click here to find what power you need, then add 50% for future expansion and a safety margin. A good qualiy power supply will have a more conservative rating and so can be run nearer its specification. A cheap supply should definitely have the 50% added.

  Storik 11:19 05 Feb 2005

That's a useful utility - thank you


  Sparky3327 11:23 05 Feb 2005

Thanks to you both, it appears I may be overloading, I was on the limit of the usage.
However, the PSU I'm running at the moment has the same output as 2 which don't work.
Maybe it's an anomaly.
I'll up my PSU and seehow it goes.
Thanks again.

  citadel 13:17 05 Feb 2005

If you are getting a new psu its pays to get a good one. As a guide price something between £50 and £100.

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