PSU Plugs go where?

  Woldgate 15:47 19 Mar 2003

Just installed a new PSU. Have Athlon XP on A7A266 board. Have CD\DVD and Floppy.Do not know where the following plugs go:
1 Small square one with 4 holes- at rear wires 2 yellow at top and 2 black at bottom.
2 Small oblong with 4 holes - at rear wires yellow black black red.
3 Medium oblong with 6 holes - at rear wires red orange orange black black black.
CPU and Extract fans not operating - Why?

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:51 19 Mar 2003

Ok, firstly don't expect all the cables to be used, you should have some spares left over.

You should have a collection of similar connectors that go to the connection on your IDE drives (Hard drive/cd-rom etc) these may have two connections along their lenght.

There should be one that fits to the motherboard and I think has 8*2 pins slots on it. It will only go on the board one way round.

Think the small square one is for use by Intel boards to provide and extea 2.8v but is not needed.

The cables you list...are they the only ones you've got or have you already managed to plug some in?

  €dstow 15:52 19 Mar 2003

I understand that replacement and independent PSU's are equipped with plugs to cope with all eventualities and you may find some odd ones that son't seem to have a home.

My machines have plugs similar to those you describe and they are neatly bundled and tied just after the exit from the PSU box.

As to why it's not operating, no idea but I doubt it's due to your plugs.


  Woldgate 16:23 19 Mar 2003

Thanks for the gen-I did manage to plug in the power ones to the HD \ CD \DVD and the large one on the mother board but thats about all.

  DieSse 20:41 19 Mar 2003

Your plugs

Small squre one - P4 boards only

Medium Oblong with six holes - p$ boards only

Small oblong with 4 wires - sounds like floppy disk drive.

Your fans should be working, presuming you plugged them in the correct ways round. If they're not, that's a major problem - do not run your board without the CPU fan working, as the processor will burn out in a VERY short time. It could be the PSU or the motherboard is faulty if the fans don't run.

  DieSse 20:42 19 Mar 2003

Sorry Medium Oblong with 6 holes - P4 boards only.

  Ironman556 21:38 19 Mar 2003

Is there a small 3 pin plug with 2 wires somewhere on the PSU? I just installed a new one and found some small 3 pin connectors labelled "fan" which power my 2nd PSU fan & a spare fan for the front of the case.

Is there a lead from the CPU fan which has come loose?


  Woldgate 22:51 19 Mar 2003

Thanks for all your assistance - I have carried out all the suggestions and now everything is working OK.

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