PSU passed paper clip test so....what to test next?

  Andanotherthing 11:12 24 Sep 2013

Have searched the forums and got some ideas but...My son's Maxdata pc with an Asus motherboard just stopped working. I have replaced the PSU but the old PSU passed the paper clip test when I got it out (as does the new one!). Where next? How do you test the on/ off button on the comp - and I have also read a dead CMOS battery might be the problem- is that true? Memory and graphics cards appear to be seated fine. What to do next please!

  bumpkin 16:17 24 Sep 2013

it had a signal I meant

  onthelimit1 16:39 24 Sep 2013

12v DC, so no danger. However, I have a short length of insulated wire with each end tinned - that's what I use.

  Andanotherthing 19:50 24 Sep 2013

New information. Mono is Asus P5GD2 - VM/S which has an indicator light on the mono itself between the pic slots. Tis flashes when the power is switched on. Searches indicate that this can be a USB problem and indeed one USB slot on the front of the case is damaged with the central plastic tongue missing and the metal terminals looking mashed. He can I disconnect this USB socket from the board please?

  bumpkin 20:35 24 Sep 2013

Glad you said that OP, most likely the cause, you should be able to follow the wire back from front USB ports and unplug it from the mobo. By coincidence I had almost the same thing with my sons. Hope it works.

  Andanotherthing 20:47 24 Sep 2013

  Andanotherthing 21:25 24 Sep 2013

Update: I have discovered the following. The motherboard is an Asus P5GD2 which has a LED on board between the pic slots. It was flashing when the power was turned on. Research suggested this might be a USB (or something earthing to case). Checking the front usbs I found a wrecked one with the plastic middle tongue missing. I have detached this from the motherboard and the light has stopped flashing.... But it still does not turn on. So tomorrow, when the light is better I will try shorting the on/off switch to see if it is that, try to find a replacement CMOS battery and try firing it up with hard drives and graphics card disconnected.

  Andanotherthing 19:24 25 Sep 2013

Some progress...well it looks as if the CMOS battery was ok although I have replaced it anyway. Oddly, once I had removed and then re-attached the on/off plug cluster to the mobo the fans (CPU as well!) started up and it started to go through the boot sequence... Then two beeps and an error message indicating I had to re-boot and indicate the boot device or load something into the floppy. Have checked the sata drive and the IDE drive (power and data cables) but still getting the same message so somehow the boot drive is not being picked up. Have scrolled through changing boot sequences in the boot menu and so far nothing....Got to be better than completely dead in the water though! Will leave it for tonight though.

Next I am going to look at the master slave setup of the hard drives unless somebody has the magic answer? Many thanks to all of you who have helped so far.

  bumpkin 19:37 25 Sep 2013

Try booting from your Windows CD disk.

  woodchip 21:48 25 Sep 2013

Two beeps bad memory or Graphics

  Andanotherthing 21:47 26 Sep 2013

Success! I decided that there must be a conflict between the hard drives so I started to unplug them one at a time. It booted up into Windows after removing the first drive. So I have been installing updates and running malware checks and updating drivers. Will leave my son to sort out the drive conflict problem

Many thanks again to all of you who helped.

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