PSU passed paper clip test so....what to test next?

  Andanotherthing 11:12 24 Sep 2013

Have searched the forums and got some ideas but...My son's Maxdata pc with an Asus motherboard just stopped working. I have replaced the PSU but the old PSU passed the paper clip test when I got it out (as does the new one!). Where next? How do you test the on/ off button on the comp - and I have also read a dead CMOS battery might be the problem- is that true? Memory and graphics cards appear to be seated fine. What to do next please!

  bumpkin 11:36 24 Sep 2013

Does it do anything at all or is it as if not plugged in?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 24 Sep 2013

Unplug all drives

disconnect all data cables to drives


(PSU can be switched on by momentary shoring the pins on the MBoard that go to the on/off switch)

As you have a new PSU if above does not work than possibly a change of CMOS battery may help - after that its likely a problem with the mother board or CPU

You can also try the motherboard removed from the case, laid on newspaper with just graphics card and one stick of memory. (case shorts)

  Andanotherthing 12:24 24 Sep 2013

Bumpkin: nothing- fan on power supply not turning , nothing. Paper clip test (sorry Wiz-King!) proves psu is ok as fan does turn then. Fruit Bat: thanks, will try your suggestions tonight. Thank you all.

  bumpkin 13:28 24 Sep 2013

Assuming that you tested the PSU in the machine using the same mains lead then the next thing would be by-passing the on/off button as explained by FruitBat. Let us know the results.

  wee eddie 15:40 24 Sep 2013

Yes wiz-king, I am also worried.

Please explain this "paper-clip" test, I've not heard of it before

  woodchip 15:45 24 Sep 2013

What are you doing Exactly with a paper clip? as above only real way to test a PSU is with it connected to the Motherboard and using a Multimeter to back probe the pins for volts, that means setting Volts on meter to 20v DC Black probe to frame of PC and red into back of each pin

Pin Volt Colours

click here on the picture that is the plug you want to check.

PSU are Power Switching ie they need to have a correct load on them to test, anything above and beyond can blow the PSU EVEN a NEW ONE


  woodchip 15:46 24 Sep 2013

PS PC needs turning on to do the above

  Andanotherthing 15:52 24 Sep 2013

The Paper Clp test:

Ideally using a plastic -coated paper clip- but you should make sure you don't touch it or that it touches anything during the test: click here

  woodchip 15:54 24 Sep 2013

To Test Power Supply try reading hear

click here

  bumpkin 16:14 24 Sep 2013

connecting the green and black on a PSU causes it to start as if you had a signal from mobo.

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