PSU Overheating

  Terry Brown 17:19 17 Jun 2006

I had just started havng a problem, which defies logic.My PSU (Power Suply Unit) is overheating.
I checked the fans on the PSU were working OK , they were, Changed the PSU- No Difference. Checked the Processor (CPU) fan(Athlon 1800 XP)large fan, some dust in the fins--Cleared this out. Increased ventilation to computer and added extra fans to cool the interior + 1 directly blowing cold air onto the PSU-- Slight difference,Went into BIOS and reset to defaults.

Sometimes it will run for 30 minues ,sometimes all night.

Temperature checks show the Motherbard runing at 38c and the CPU at 59c.
This happens when the machine is running under load or running light.
There is no warning-clicks -bells-dings or anything-- it justs shuts down

  yabadabado 20:14 17 Jun 2006

Have you added any new hardware?
Im thinking that possibly if you have then your current PSU may not be able to handel the extra hardware...

  woodchip 20:22 17 Jun 2006

I would say get a better CPU cooler

  De Marcus™ 20:30 17 Jun 2006

Stop the pc automatically restarting so you get a bsod, note down the info from this.

  Terry Brown 10:00 23 Jun 2006

It turns out the hard drive was drawing more power than it should do, which was putting pressure on the PSU. Changed the hard drive, and everything is back to normal.I never suspected the Harddrive at first because it it is only about a year old.

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