PSU; opinions please

  orlandogreenback 14:49 21 Feb 2004

QTEC 550 Watt PSU P4 ready Twin Fan Retail Boxed from ebuyer. My choice of case has no psu so I'm looking at this. The majority opinion is good but when they're bad, they're very very bad. The spec will most likely be XP2500 barton CPU, Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo, Radeon 9200SE VGA graphics, creative 5.1 sound, modem, two optical drives, 1 HDD and one floppy with one or two case fans. In short, will this do me, or can someone recommend something better for a roundabout price? Cheers in advance, you guys are a real help!

  hugh-265156 15:09 21 Feb 2004

its not ammount of watts but the quality of the psu thats important and how many amps over the +12 +5 and +3v rails.

the more you spend the better.usually less fluctuation in current with better quality ones.

  Paranoid Android 15:13 21 Feb 2004

Personally I would seek out something around 450 watts from Enermax. I have heard mixed reports of QTEC (no personal experience though to be fair). In my opinion, the quality of a PSU wins every time, more than any other component.


  fuzzyone 15:32 21 Feb 2004

I've had experience of both sides of the psu argument, and have seen the good and not so good.

I had an Antec case with Antec true 400 psu, which stopped working 3 weeks after the warranty expired.

At the minute i am using the QTEC psu you are talking about, and have had no problems whatsoever.

My system comprises of : AMD Athlon 2800XP, MSI K72 Nforce mobo, 1024 kingston value pc3200, MSI fx5600 Ultra vivo, Audigy card, 5.1 speakers, Dvd and Cdrw drives, Epson printer and Umax scanner, 19" CTX monitor.

I've been using this psu for 4 months now ( not a great deal of time, I hear you say ) and won't be splashing out a great deal of money for a psu

  clayton 15:50 21 Feb 2004
  orlandogreenback 16:21 21 Feb 2004

do we all think buying a separate power supply is a better bet than relying on one that comes with a £30 case?

  Paranoid Android 16:21 21 Feb 2004

It isn't the ones that stop working that are the problem. It's the ones that fry your mobo in the process...

My point is simply that 17 quid for a 550 watt PSU would be too cheap to give me any confidence. I hope I am wrong.


  woodchip 16:29 21 Feb 2004

If it's the one that came by E-Mail from Ebuyer then one of the fans will entail you cutting a hole in the top of the case as there is one fan at the back and one in the top

  hugh-265156 16:50 21 Feb 2004

the one from qtec has a extraction fan underneath and at the back.not on top.suck air from case and expells out the back.

click here its just the picture is upside down :-)

  leo49 17:08 21 Feb 2004

The Q-Tec are very noisy and cheap and nasty - I used one recently[for my sins]to upgrade my old PC.It's 2 or 3 times as noisy the Antec Truepower I have in my main PC.

  woodchip 20:23 21 Feb 2004

That's typical of Ebuyer, what good is that. Drawing air from PSU back into Comp Case

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