PSU is this ok?

  Daxsimus 14:32 16 Dec 2004

Hi, Needed to replace my PSU, ordered one almost the same as what was installed before. But I have noticed that the vents on the new unit are at the back straight onto the wires and cd and dvd drive. Is this safe and ok to install? Thanks for any advise.

  Alex-188000 14:57 16 Dec 2004

Yeah. It should have more than one vent though and really facing to the back of the pc.

  Alex-188000 14:58 16 Dec 2004

Which one have you got?

  Totally-braindead 15:04 16 Dec 2004

It should be fine as long as there is a fan in it facing out the back of the PC to suck the warm air out. If you're at all worried about it download a temperature checking program from the internet and keep an eye on it for a few days, don't have the link to any of the programs at the moment but I'm sure someone else well help you with this or you could just use the search facility to find a link to one as plenty of people have been concerned about operating temperatures (including me). Also have a look at the disk you got with your motherboard there may be a temperature monitoring program on that as a lot of the manufacturers include one on the drivers disk.

  Wilham 15:04 16 Dec 2004

Check you have it pointing the right way round. A psu blows air to the outside, the resulting lower pressure inside the PC case then draws in cooler air various places to cool your HDD's,DVD,...etc.

  Daxsimus 15:30 16 Dec 2004

Thanks for the advice. Had to re-order another one anyway as the casing wont fit over the dvd and cd drive. So I've made sure it is the same as before. Thought it would fitas I was just trying to save some money. Thats a laugh will have two now. Thanks again. Dax

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