PSU knackered?

  handful 19:14 25 Sep 2007

My daughters pc which is an aging MESH 2400 Athlon XP appears to have finally given up the ghost but still has hours of coursework on it much to her distress. Apparantly for a while now there has been a delay between turning the power on to the PSU actually firing up but last night it failed to POST and no boot or BIOS info is appearing on the monitor. I am pretty sure the PSU is faulty but if it does power up to kick the mobo/graphics card fan etc into life could this also prevent it from POSTing or am I looking at additional failures? I think the hd could also be playing up as it has been displaying warning that a hd failure may be imminent for months although I had put this down to the warning system playing up as appears to be quite common. Could it be the hd problem that is preventing POST? If not I may just try to retrieve data by slaving the hd onto another pc and then bin the lot!! Any advice or opinions would be grateully received.

  Technotiger 19:20 25 Sep 2007

Sounds like PSU and Harddrive ... I would strongly advise you to take urgent action now. Replace PSU and Back-up contents of hard drive. If you cannot access the hard drive after fitting new PSU, remove hard drive and connect to another PC as a slave drive or put it into a USB Drive Enclosure to connect it that way to another PC - at least you would then be able to retrieve important data.

  SANTOS7 19:22 25 Sep 2007

You have already mentioned the cheapest option, SLAVE the drive and recover your data THEN!! "BACK IT UP" to removable media or something like that.

As far as the PSU is concearned a fair test would be to try another.........

  handful 19:32 25 Sep 2007

Thanks guys, I suppose my decision is whether it's worth forking out for a new PSU and/or hd and squeeze some more life out of the old girl or just try to recover the valuable data and dump it. Would it be unusual for both components to go at the same time?

  SANTOS7 19:35 25 Sep 2007

I would say they are related issues and not independant. The important thing is trying to save your data Slaving the HDD in question seems to be the simplest method but as i said before if it is that important you need to back it up just in case you do have a terminal failure....

  handful 20:00 25 Sep 2007

Good advice SANTOS7, thanks very much.

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