PSU dies when reciving power

  Rasmus53 18:05 24 Nov 2016

Hello recently my power supply died, i turnt on my pc like usual, and i heard a snap and a Got a burnt smell from my PSU. I the ordered a new one. A couple of days later i received the new PSU and coulndt wait to start gaming Again so i installed it and plugged in the necesary cables, but the same thing happend. It dies when i put in the power cable and flick the switch. I did the paper clip test without succes. I am really afraid it could have damaged any of my other components, but i have never sene or heard Anything like this. (I am studying as an IT supporter) Please help me i have no idea what to do, but i Cant keep buying new components until it Works so i really need some help. Sorry for my bad english. Rasmus - concerned gamer

  Rasmus53 18:18 24 Nov 2016

I forgot my pc specs Kington ssd 250 gb, Msi GeForce GTX 960 gaming 2 gb, Intel core i5-4460, HyperX Fury DDR3 1866MHz 16 gb, Old PSU: coolermaster g650m, New PSU: corsair vs650 Msi z97s SLI Krait Edition

  Bris 18:47 24 Nov 2016

Are you using the same mains lead? Are you sure the smell is coming from the PSU rather than the lead. The lead should have a 5 amp fuse max. If the lead has a removable plug then check that its wired correctly.

If its the PSU then its puzzling as a quality PSU such as the one you purchased will have current limiting built in which prevents damage to the PSU in the event of a short circuit so even if there is a direct short on the motherboard then it should not cause the PSU to ignite.

  Rasmus53 19:17 24 Nov 2016

Yes i am using the same mains lead, and the smell is defently coming from the PSU and not the lead, the mains lead in my country Denmark doesent have fuses. But instead we have it in our mains box in our garage witch Would have short surcuited the box and taken out all the power in the house. And i am sure its not the PSU as this one was straight out of the box. I am thinking there might be something in my motherboard that could cause it?

  Rasmus53 19:52 24 Nov 2016

Thanks for you help! I Will try this whe noget the replacement PSU :-)

  Bris 20:15 24 Nov 2016

The fact that two PSU's have gone the same way rules out the PSU's therefore it must be something external to the PSU and as you say you cant keep buying PSU's so the first thing to do is replace the mains lead.

Connecting the PSU to the motherboard should not cause this problem even in the event of a direct short, you may have stray mains voltage lurking in the case for some reason which is reaching the output of the PSU.

I would check all cabling inside the case and if nothing obviously wrong would remove the motherboard from the case and run it up with as little external equipment attached as possible. Have you checked other mains supplied equipment such as the monitor, is that OK?

  Burn-it 21:36 24 Nov 2016

There's a very short answer! There is a short on the board. New power supplies will continue to fail until you sort that out. Remove all components and try (with a cheap supply) adding them back until it fails. You then know which part is faulty.

  Rasmus53 13:40 25 Nov 2016

Tjans for Quick responses i found the problem witch was the mains lead. I Caused the power supply to burn but i swapped the cable and the power supply and now my pc Rune like a Dream :)

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