psu dead

  triflesterms 17:27 06 Jul 2006


I have just reconnected my pc & its totally dead, i disconnected my newish 400w psu to try on its on & no go, not sure what happend or what i can do?
Hope someone can help?


  DieSse 17:32 06 Jul 2006

A PSU will not work on it's own - it's the motherboard that switches it on and off.

Five possibilities - PSU, Motherboard (about 48% each), case switch (almost never), some other component in the system (rare), mains supply/cable (rare)

Disconnect all drives, RAM, plug-in cards - see what happens.

  triflesterms 17:34 06 Jul 2006

have done that already & tried 3 power leads, still no good?

  Stuartli 17:38 06 Jul 2006

If it's "newish" then it presumably will still be under guarantee. If so, obtain a replacement.

  triflesterms 17:43 06 Jul 2006

cant i opened it to check fuse & dont live anywhere near where i brought it :(

  citadel 17:46 06 Jul 2006

have you tried another wall socket, I remember one of my house wall sockets was once dodgy.

  skidzy 17:52 06 Jul 2006

Ive experienced something very similar recently triflesterms click here
Im just waiting for another cpu to arrive and try that...but it seems like the mobo has died.

triflesterms..if you read through my prevoius thread (link above)..i tested my psu..probably not the best way..but did give the answer...i did have power going to the mobo.

Hope this helps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 06 Jul 2006

plug wiring (unless moulded on)
Plug fuse (3A)
Wall Socket powers another appliance. (house wiring not adrift / main fuse blown)
try new lead.

switch at rear of PSU (if fitted)

front panel switch

PSU recieves signal from mobo

click here
click here

  Ray5776 18:07 06 Jul 2006

Dont know how you tried to test PSU on its own.
It needs a load connected or you will get no readings if you used a meter.

  triflesterms 14:28 07 Jul 2006

Ive tried all of the above with no success,is there another way to test signal from mobo? im not online at home,i havent tested psu on its own properly, if the psu is ok, what else could it be?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 07 Jul 2006

if the psu is ok, what else could it be?

mobo or cpu

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