PSU for Core i7 system

  Peter Lanky 10:51 27 Feb 2010

I have been asking a few related questions previously, so for anyone noticing my other posts, I am just juggling with computers.

My new PC, not arrived yet, is a Dell Vostro 430 with the following spec:
Core-i7 860, 4GB 1333Mhz RAM, HD4350, 500GB Drive to which I will add another 500GB and a 1TB drive.

I believe the PSU is only 350W, though I only surmise this from reading other posts, and it has been suggested to me that this is too low. I'm not speculating as to why the PSU is only 350W when a few £££ extra could have provided a more substantial PSU, but they don't mention such things in the spec. which seems to be the norm for the big suppliers. Anyway, I'm seeking the opinion of others here.

In it's lifetime the PC is unlikely to have more than 3 hard drives, though they may be swapped for larger ones when I run out of space and 2TB drives become entry level. I'm sure the GPU will be upgraded in the future, but current advice suggests I keep the HD4350 for now, and again in the future the RAM is likely to be upgraded to 8GB. I am not likely to over-clock or start using fancy cooling, so if it really is advisable to upgrade the PSU, then what rating should I bee looking for?

My knowledge of PSUs is nil, so I've no idea what a £100 one will do that a £50 one won't. Are they all the same size for instance, so I don't end up buying something that doesn't fit? If the 350W is considered borderline inadequate, but should still do the job, what are the consequences of continuing with it?

  GaT7 16:43 05 Mar 2010

Thanks for that :-). If you change your mind/don't need it, I'll offer to buy it off you. Will pay the £2.50 + 1st/2nd class post.

A bit strange it doesn't open on the other side. How will you change the DVD drive if you had too - is it held in place by some kind of screwless mechanism?

So looks like you'll have to go for an external hard drive caddy.

Btw, do you think you could house & secure a drive below the card reader? I.e. if it has a free compartment below the card reader like in this Dell - see this pic click here. G

  Peter Lanky 18:38 05 Mar 2010

There's no problem adding a DVD drive securely, as I tried a spare one, and it fitted snugly even without screwing it in on the near side. I didn't bother though, as the power plugs were SATA rather than Molex, and I can't be bothered buying a converter. I'd probably never use it, so no issue.

There's no space below the card reader, as the HHDs are mounted on their ends, like this click here and the top of the upper drive is immediately below the card reader. I've left the spare drive in my daughter's PC, as it's only to keep a back up of photographs.

I was surprised at how small the PC was. Good Windows experience scores apart from the graphics card, but I expected that anyway, so no shocks.

  GaT7 19:00 05 Mar 2010

Thanks for that Peter.

Apparently the Vostro 430's other side panel is detachable too (I asked on another forum).

It has Philips type screws securing it, rather than the thumb screws you find on the side you managed to open easily. G

  Peter Lanky 19:06 05 Mar 2010

Dell must have changed the case. On mine, the top and the right hand side panel (looking from the front) is a single piece of metal. The front comes off more easily than many I have owned though.

  GaT7 19:15 05 Mar 2010

I have a similar case (non-Dell) - i.e. its top & right side panel is a single piece of metal but I can open it by unscrewing a couple of Philips screws on the rear, then pushing it back & up (if doing it with the front facing me). G

  Peter Lanky 19:23 05 Mar 2010

I'll try that thanks, but I'll wait till I'm in the mood again.

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